Angelina Jolie Got a Boob Job To Try And Prevent Cancer?


The New York Times recently published an opinion article written by Angelina Jolie, titled ‘My Medical Choice‘, in which Angelina reveals that she has had a preventative double mastectomy. Angelina had a gene test that detects specific genes and gene mutations that they feel can increase the chance of contracting certain types of cancers. When she tested positive for carrying the BRCA1 gene, she was told that this gene increased her chance of developing breast cancer to 87% and her chance of contracting ovarian cancer is 50%. With this knowledge in hand, and the pain she carries from losing her mother to cancer 6 years ago, Angelina decided to beat cancer to the punch and had her breast tissue removed.

Angelina Jolie before and after having a double mastectomy + breast implants:
Angelina before and after mastectomy and boob job

Angelina is now being heralded as some sort of hero for raising awareness about preventative mastectomies and this super expensive gene testing, but I think this is kind of a crock. Angelina Jolie did not have cancer. Perhaps she was/is more likely to someday develop cancer than your average Jane, but she very well may never have developed cancer in the first place, so she basically just lopped off her boobs to spite her genes. Am I the only one that thinks it’s crazy to chop off a healthy part of your body because perhaps maybe someday cancer might grow there?!

In addition to the double mastectomy, Angelina Jolie also opted for “reconstruction with implants”, or a boob job. Yes, she decided to remove her natural breast tissue and replace it with toxic foreign bags laced with silicon. To fight a cancer that doesn’t even exist. For some reason, I think this type of “preventative mastectomy” would be a lot less popular if it didn’t come with a great excuse to get a pair of perky new boobs. For people that are at a higher risk of developing cancer, cutting off that body part is not the only way to manage that risk. Other ways to minimize your risk includes taking preventative drugs, monitoring for early detection and simply changing your diet. But for Angelina Jolie? She is just going to prevent cancer with a boob job.



  • avatar Gurl Pleas says:

    Did you even read the NYT article? She had an 87% chance of getting the cancer.

    • avatar Dr. Wood says:

      Angelina Jolie is not new to surgery. Look at he Before and After photos of her alleged nose job. Clear as day. Also brow lift and minor eye tweaks and a chin implant ( or did her chin naturally grow two inches between age 20 and 30)? So this article is not off base calling the hype and PR and spin out on it. Heroic? Boob jobs are endured for vanity. As was he other surgery. Brad Pitt had ear pinning surgery. So how is this any more heroic when weighing the “perks” ( pun intended) that rule their hypey lives. Sorry, they advertise chairty and noble too much and remind me of slick politicians more than stars. Shifty eyed too.

  • avatar Megan says:

    What an ignorant and pathetic response. Yes, you are the only one that thinks it’s crazy to chop off a healthy part of your body because there is an ** 87% chance ** of cancer growing there. What the hell is wrong with you??

  • avatar vanessa says:

    Seriously, you are WAY off base here.

  • avatar Laura L says:

    I get it. You’re skeptical. But this is a decision I will likely have to face myself and it ain’t pretty. When your mother OR sister (both in my case) have or have had breast cancer, your risk goes up significantly because of a possible genetic predisposition. My own mother has had a partial mastectomy and full reconstruction and that does NOT mean she got her boobs lopped off just to excuse a boob job. This has life or death consequences and when you have kids, you need to take this stuff seriously.

  • avatar Brodo says:

    wow fuck you, seriously. you’ve posted ignorant bullshit before, but this takes the cake.
    there was an 87% (EIGHTY SEVEN PERCENT, almost 9 out of 10) chance she would have gotten cancer if she had kept the breast tissue. this potentially saved her life. it is not an excuse to get a boob job and if you think that then you are seriously wrong in the head.

  • avatar Alex says:

    Would you feel the same way if she’d had a preventative hysterectomy due to a high chance of ovarian cancer? Preventative surgery is a genuine option, and if you can potentially reduce your (almost certain) risk of cancer by taking action then

    I believe it’s absolutely the right thing to do. As someone mentions above, this is an especially important choice if you have children, or have lost a parent or sister to the cancer you stand to ‘inherit’…frankly, why wouldn’t you?

    This is a really disappointing post.

    • avatar peony says:

      You do not inherit cancer! It is the expression of the genes not the genes themselves that cause cancer. Educate yourself some more before making such statements. Look up Dr.Mercolas work he is very informative on the subject. Your genes can express themselves 30,000 different ways.

      • avatar Alex says:

        Incorrect choice of words perhaps, but my sentiment is basically correct from what I’ve read and understood. Removing breast tissue due to an increased risk of cancer is not a vanity surgery in my opinion.

      • avatar Cheryl says:

        Peony, you are EXACTLY correct. Unfortunately, people are reactive instead of proactive and will believe what they are spoon fed instead of actually researching the issue. My cancer has a high rate of recurrence, however, one thing I know for sure. With my already compromised immune system, I would have been dead already opting for what the traditional docs and media suggest for cancer treatments.

  • avatar Scott says:

    Surely Ms Jolie would have sufficient money to pay for medical regular tests so that any developing cancer could be picked up whilst able to be easily treated witout invasive surgery? I recently had surgery to remove my gall bladder & when I said to my surgeon that it must be considered a safe & simple procedure these days, he said that no surgery is safe & people should not treat surgery as routine. Post-op complications, a nicked major blood vessel, an antibiotic-resistant superbug – any of these things are possible once you have been opened up by a surgeon. These days early-detection really should be the priority rather than dangerous invasive preventative surgery. I would have hated to hear that, in her quest to avoid cancer, Angelina had been taken from her family by an infection of golden staph which took hold after the surgery. Sadly, many women will now choose this supposedly simple surgical path, and some of these women (who are not suffering any form of cancer at the time) will end up dying from post-op infections or adverse reactions to anaesthesia. Others will suffer medical & emotional misery when their wonderful new implants cause scarring & hardening of the breast tissue. But I guess it will just become the trendy thing to do now that someone famous has done it..

  • avatar shelly says:

    yeah, i also have family members who have done this, so i don’t think it is weird or bullshit that she had it done. and yes, she may be doing her part to raise awareness by contacting the press and opening up about it, or she merely wanted to cover up a boob job with a distracting story. we don’t know her, so we don’t know her motivations, however, the actions of hers that we do know are not bad or weird or wrong. let’s not be critical when it comes to health.

  • avatar Riimel says:

    I actually totally agree with you! Angie is such a bull shitter (she lies about everything in her interview), she would defo pull this shit off for a boob job. Not saying this is the truth, but it IS possible, and likely.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Angelina Jolie has always been nutty. It’s impossible to eliminate all breast tissue, and to replace it with plastic just boggles my mind. Silicone and plastic are known to cause cancer! Now women are going to freak out and chop off their lady parts because of this high profile example.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    I think this is bullshit too…. If she was more likely to get cancer of anykind she could completely change her diet. CANCER ONLY LIVES IN AN ACIDIC environment. By keeping you body alkaline there’s no way you can get cancer. Certainly cutting your tits off and getting implants isn’t gonna help. We all have genes for cancer it’s how we take care of ourselves that may or may not keep us from getting it.

    • avatar lola says:

      Your comment is so completely ignorant it took my breath away. Educate yourself before making such unintelligent comments.

      • avatar Jennifer says:

        My husband is a doctor! I am educated thank you! Do a little research yourself on cancer!!!

        • avatar Cheryl says:

          Interesting how poster call someone ignorant who provides facts, but then provide no countering facts to support their “ignorant” comments. I am glad your doctor husband is one of the more enlightened ones who understand issues like body acidity and diet.

  • avatar Gemma says:

    This last comment is asinine. It does not matter if we are acidic or not…what we eat plays a part, but it is only a bit of the entire picture not the cause at all. She did something very smart since she carries the BRAC gene. She did not “cut off her tits”, she had them restuffed. Who on earth gave you such ridiculous information. Yes, I am a cancer survivor. Are you?

    • avatar Jennifer says:

      Restuffed with cancer causing implants…..

      • avatar Cheryl says:

        LOL. Exactly! You get cancer because your body can’t handle toxic overload. So, you cut out healthy breast tissue…and replace them with toxins. Sure. That makes a LOT of sense. (sarcasm)

  • avatar peony says:

    First of all that BRAC1 and BRAC2 test is a money making SCAM. Did you know that your genes do not dictate whether you will get cancer or not? It is the expression of your genes that determines that. Your genes can express themselves 30,000 different ways. What influences gene expression you may ask? Diet,Stress levels and exercise for starters. Even taking certain antioxidants have been proven to help along with adequate vitamin D levels. So I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with this post! Since when did preventative care become removing healthy body parts and who is PROFITING from these unnecessary surgeries? Cancer is BIG business. It empolys alot of people!

    • avatar Lisa says:

      And you know this because you’re a…? You can’t even spell “a lot”, give me a break!
      As a biology grad student, you’re mixing verified data with a bunch of crap, creating this mess of a post.

      • avatar peony says:

        Who are you? Do I even care??? The answer in NO! BTW it is called a typo- it happens to everyone at times get over it.

        • avatar mabel says:

          Right on Peony! This Lisa person sounds like she works in the “cancer business” and is just trying to discredit you. She did not provide any data of her own just attacked your comments….Makes you wonder.

  • avatar Ms J. Jackson says:

    Peony, you are absolutely correct. Angelina Jolie’s mother had ovarian cancer, why didn’t she have her ovaries removed? Perhaps it has a lot to do with hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain, wrinkly skin and infertility! Why all the emphasis on breast cancer? Neither she or her mother had it! This is rather disingenuous in regards to feminity. Like many others who have had breast cancer I wonder how feminine she would feel if the treatments butchered her breasts and destroyed her ovaries?
    Having breast cancer has done this to me! It has destroyed any possibility of motherhood and it will eventually kill me. This article in no way provides support for people in my situation. It is time that people told the truth about this dreadful disease. There is a very high price to pay for survival. Femininity? What femininity?
    Angelina Jolie is being overpraised for a personal decision she made. There are many women suffering with breast cancer whose voices are not heard. People listen to the likes of Angelina Jolie.

    • avatar peony says:

      Thanks, Sweetie. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • avatar James says:

      She specifically said she didn’t have an ovariohysterectomy done yet because her breasts had a significantly higher risk and she wanted to do one thing at a time. If you aren’t going to listen or read what she has to say on the matter then please stop commenting.

    • avatar Sara Cooper says:

      In general, with ovarian cancer-and most cancers for that matter- one starts with as little treatment as possible. In many cases, ovarian cancer is discovered too late for effective treatment.

  • avatar Kat says:

    Until you’ve been through something like this, you really have no right to weigh in. Dealing with Cancer, or any kind of terminal illness, lifts the veil of immortality and ignorance that most people walk around with. Sure, illness in this country is big business and there is very little emphasis placed on preventative healthcare. But operating out of fear of western medicine is just as ludicrous as operating out of fear of a holistic modality. In terms of Angelina Jolie, or anyone who makes this kind of personal decision, it is not just based on medical tests, but gut instinct, what feels right for your body, what is going to give you peace of mind. And again, if you’ve never dealt with something like this, you probably will not understand but you may want to reserve your judgements with the hope that it not something you will ever have to confront.

    • avatar peony says:

      Hey Kat…I think fear is what made her have the surgery. The tests results put the fear in people to make those decisions. I believe this to be true only because most people are not educated about genes and gene expressions. Lifestyle choices affect gene expression. You are not a slave to your genes! Do research on Epigenetics or the Human Genome project. By the way I WAS personally affected by cancer. My mother died from endometrial cancer. I educated myself after her passing. I WILL NEVER REMOVE MY LADY PARTS as preventative medicine. I eat organic, take antioxidants do yoga and keep my stress levels to a minimum. That is not fear that is common sense!

      • avatar Kat says:

        Peony: I think it’s fantastic that you have found a lifestyle that works for you and I am sorry to hear about your mom…
        As for the conversation at hand, it really is a personal choice. You heard fear in AJ’s decision and I heard something weighed and thought out. So we can agree to disagree there. My argument has to do with what sounded like your generalizing what is best for everyone. I don’t believe any one person can determine that because, in the end, everyone has to act out of self-connection, whatever that means to them…I do, however, agree that people should do exhaustive research before making this kind of decision. If you are just suggesting that people arm themselves with information, we are not on such different pages. I think the real problem in this country is less about healthcare being a big business and more about people’s not wanting to participate in their own care. (A totally separate discussion, I know)
        And for the record, I have no family history of cancer and did all the things you mentioned and still wound up with BC. There really is a lot they don’t know, which is why I keep harping on the fact that this kind of choice is personal and different for everyone.

  • avatar NikB. says:

    I completely agree with this article! She is a vain Hollywood-ite. She’s had babies, her boobs started sagging, she needed an excuse to get them stuffed. Something else that doesn’t make sense is she kept her nipples! Cancer infiltrates all tissue in the breast and a complete mastectomy requires removal of the nipples also. Also, agree with the people that said she didn’t remove her ovaries either when these “tests” are suppose to prove high chances of reproductive cancer. You all are lemmings. You’ve become obsessed with a world you will never be a part of (Hollywood) and you believe everything the TV tells you to. I am sorry for the ones who have dealt with cancer first hand, but that doesn’t make you an expert either. Doctors and hospitals make HUGE money off cancer treatment and hale anything natural as crazy and berate the doctors who practice that kind of treatment. That’s why so many people are going out of the country (including the docs) for cancer treatment, with a whole lot more success than cancer treatment in the states. Stop believing everything your tv and the FDA tell you. Angelina is a crazy, vain, woman and always has been. I.E. kissing her brother, going goth for a while, wearing a vile of blood from her hillbilly lover, bragging about her sexual escipades, and splitting up a marriage…She hides behind her “charity trips and heroic actions) She’s been working on her St.-hood ever since. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of crazy “E” watchers and Ok magazine freaks freaking out about my comments, but I don’t care. Everyone has a right to their opinion and no one is changing mine.

  • avatar NikB. says:

    P.S. To get your breasts removed for a “chance that you might maybe possibly get cancer” does not make you a hero. She must have an amazing P.R. Person to have transformed her in the public’s eye like she has been, and to also award her hero and saint status. It also proves how dumb our society is.

    • avatar Cheryl says:

      Actually, she doesn’t have a publicist. She learned early on how to handle the media from two parents in the industry. While she isn’t a particularly intelligent person from what I have heard in her interviews, when it comes to media manipulation, she is a genius.

  • avatar NikB. says:

    P.S. if you actually want to learn something about these faulty diagnoses of gene testing, read this. Please research before you make a stupid and rash decision. I hope everyone doesn’t jump on this bandwagon. There are people that wish you would though. Their bank accounts aren’t big enough in their eyes.

  • avatar kim says:

    Anybody who holds this nutbag up as some sort of example for anything other than how NOT to live a decent, healthy life is off their rocker.

    If she were anything other than a totally self-serving attention whore she would have either had the mastectomy without a reconstruction OR had the procedures done and then kept that queen-sized futon she calls a mouth shut about the whole thing instead of announcing it to the world. The genetic testing that she is promoting is usually not covered by insurance-in fact, from what I’ve read in some of the guidelines, HERS would not have been covered; and even if it is covered, you still have a significant co-pay for it.

    The genetic counseling also showed that she had a significantly higher likelihood of developing ovarian cancer, but I haven’t seen anything in the media about a hysterectomy or oophorectomy. I wonder why that is? According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s website, removal of the ovaries can pretty significantly lower a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer by 40-70% if she has the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation.

    Oh, and one more little thing….Angelina’s mother didn’t have BREAST CANCER…she died of OVARIAN CANCER. Angie still has both her ovaries. Hmmmm, I guess maybe because reconstruction on those DOESN’T SHOW.

  • avatar Plain Jane says:

    Gotta’ say this crossed my mind immediately when I heard the news. The facts are straight forward, she’s had three babies naturally, her boobs are essentially gone, her career is based on her maintaining a certain look, she gets paid to project an image that is bad girl/sex object/ humanitarian…and she’s coming to terms with the reality that your natural good looks and youth just don’t last forever. Her mother didn’t die of breast cancer, it was ovarian cancer – which is a horrible fate. I don’t doubt Ms. Jolie’s fears, her grief, or her weighing the impact of having any work done and how it impacts her image. All this stuff is calculated and measured for a certain kind of public impact – so don’t be naive folks. At the end of the day, she’s had work done, she looks great, and she doesn’t have cancer. I don’t know if she had silicon implants or if they did fat grafting, or a combo of both. I do know that my friends who have had mastectomies in order to FIGHT active cancer, endured tremendous pain and recoveries, and the breast reconstruction was an after thought because survival really was paramount. I also know any kind of breast implant makes breast cancer detection much more difficult, so lots of this story just doesn’t ring true. But, vanity hits us all – she just has the means to cave into her vanity in a big way while the rest of us just have to suck it up and deal with life head on. Ms. Jolie’s experience was an expensive, elective procedure that the average person cannot afford. I do not see this as a heroic endeavor for Ms. Jolie in any way, shape or form. Heroism is reserved for people who do much more with much less, IMHO. This just looks like a mommy makeover that covers lots of bases, including the added perk of *maybe* fending off cancer…but not in a brilliant way, she has just traded new boobs for a different set of risk factors. The facts we can know do speak for themselves – at least for those who care to think it through and not swallow the spin.

  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    I am with Angelina Jolie here and totally disagree with you. I would do the exact same thing. You see, I actually love my life and I want to be around for my children, their children, etc. Angelina’s mother died from breast cancer at 56 and other 1st degree relatives of hers have had breast cancer. Instead of waiting around for cancer which was HIGHLY LIKELY to come to her, she took matters into her own hands. This was awfully brave considering how scary it must have been to remove her breasts. I don’t plan on just waiting for cancer to come to me. I’m going to do everything in my power to stop it. Sorry, but your post is so ignorant, it surprises me.

    • avatar Cheryl says:

      Hate to break it to you, but cancer is “highly likely” to hit all of us. Three in my family so far, and there is no genetic predisposition. There IS, however, a lot of environmental toxin exposure in all of us. Something that is very hard for anyone to avoid unless we change our laws like other countries are.

  • avatar DiZee says:

    I’m with you.

  • avatar Bill says:

    My guess is that the cunt that writes these stories is an ugly, flat chested, jealous bitch who could never get a man under any circumstances. What a tormented life she must lead!!

  • avatar Jessie says:

    Yes. She just wanted a boob job. PERIOD

    • avatar Jerry says:

      A boob job is very different from a double mastectomy!!! She did not get a boob job. I don’t even like Jolie much, but so many people here are impossible!!!

  • avatar Lol says:

    This is seriously the most moronic ‘article’ I have had the displeasure of reading online about this issue so far.

    NEWS FLASH! A mastectomy is an AMPUTATION. You don’t need a mastectomy first to have a boob job! The only reason you’d have a mastectomy is for MEDICAL REASONS, which she opted for after informed consent.

    The person who wrote this ought to stop breathing, pronto. You are WASTING the oxygen on the planet.

    • avatar Poopsalot says:

      We were only told it was amputation we don’t know that for sure, it may have only been tissue removal which is not what we picture when we think of amputation and usually with amputation the kind of reconstruction that takes place is not what we will see in upcoming Jolie movies I suspect. Time will tell.

  • avatar Poopsalot says:

    I agree with the article and affirming comments in two ways. First she has never been known to be a stable individual- changing her public image 3 or 4 times in her career. Second, with her money a visit to the doctor once a month and MRI/xray twice a year would give plenty of early detection of any kind of cancer. This was a move, I believe, that was selfishly motivated.
    Lastly, the supreme court is going to decide an important case in the next few months. It is about the BRCA1 gene testing procedures. These tests just happen to be patented by a for-profit corporation called “Myriad Genetics.” Because of this patent, BRCA1 tests can cost $3,000 – $4,000 each. The testing alone is a multi-billion-dollar market, but only if the patent is upheld in an upcoming Supreme Court decision. Did Jolie have anything to do with this (a kick back)? I don’t know but all of her written statements in the papers and other places look a little to polished to have come from her. Just sayin’.

  • avatar Bev D. says:

    She is a VAIN person.. She just doesn’t think that “boob job” will go with her new image, so she’s playing the cancer card to add hero to her status. I agree with the above. #1 Her mother died of ovarian cancer, not breast cancer..Angelina has not removed her ovaries or had a hysterectomy (that would mess with her hormones and could cause skin and hair problems, among other problems, like weight gain and fatigue..) Not pretty for someone like her.. #2 She kept her nipples! A total mastectomy or “amputation” requires you remove all breast tissue, including the nipples.. Guess she didn’t think the tattooed nipples, or the tiny skin tag they leave you to look like a nipple, would look good with her new boob job.. You people need to get your head out of your rears and stop making excuses for this hag.

    She is not a stranger to plastic surgery. She is vain like everyone else in hollywood and it’s sickening that she would use something like the cancer to try and add onto her new image as a sane, do-gooder.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    OMG Bev D you hit the nail in the head! All these idiots trying to defend her precious self… Whatever!

  • avatar Tish says:

    I have to say I think I believe and agree with this article!!! I do believe she wants to be there for her kids and would do anything for them, but I also believe she just really wanted new boobs.

    And I agree with Jennifer and others re: nutritian being a huge factor in whether or not one will develop cancer, much bigger than genes. Read “THe China Study”. Fascinating.

  • avatar dont believe the hype says:

    Oh please.

    She wanted a boob job and to be considered a saint for it. Narcissists, the both of them. The double mastectomy story is overblown and is just intended to troll people who have dealt with cancer or are afraid of it and to sell expensive genetic tests- now Jolie is a hero and the media gets click cash from all the interest.

    I also second the theory that she is getting money for promoting the tests. If it were really about her mother, she would have done it privately, but she does have a history of instability and inconsistent behavior that I am sure her pr team work hard to keep under wraps. So, like a cheating lover, they overcompensate with the story in hopes people won’t see the truth. Middle-aged actress known for obsessively hording adopted children, mental illness (borderline + narcissism) and drug use becomes caring, humanitarian hero/saint. Uh, huh.

    I’m tired of celebrities and the media exploiting the public’s emotions with stories like this. A just judging from the comments here people are white knighting and acting all personally butthurt over it. Unbelievable.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Thank you! Don’t believe the hype!!!! I’m pretty sure she’s getting a financial backing out of promoting getting this expensive test, chopping your Titts off and everyone thinks your a saint. Whatev!!!!

  • avatar Layla says:

    Poopsalot may not have cancer, but poopsalot comment is the most informative post yet. Cancel treatment is a billion dollar industry & I learned my doctor got kickbacks from Big Pharma for pushing a drug on me I didn’t want. When I told him I refused to take it, then he realized I wasn’t kidding.

  • avatar Layla says:

    *cancer treatment. There. I corrected my typo, lol.

  • avatar Tali says:

    Well, I guess no one you know had cancer. I knew I was carrying the BRCA1 & 2 gene, decided to eat good, had MRI’s every 6 months and was diagnosed 3 years ago. Being diagnosed still means – operation, 16 courses of chemo therapy and 1.5 months of radiation. I decided to have a mastectomy on the other breast as well so I wouldn’t have to live feeling like my tits are trying to kill me. Let me tell you this, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is nothing like any boob job. I have pain flashes almost all day long. The breasts look like two balls attached to your body and you can not take them out. You can develop all kinds of other symptoms from the implants and your body may reject them. Although I was diagnosed early as they said, 5 months after all the treatments and mastectomy, I was re-diagnosed. Local metastasis. More chemo and just hoping that is the last time I heard of cancer. Angelina Jolie is one tough lady for undergoing such a procedure. You all are just ignorant and heartless for your evil words. I hope you never have to witness what breast cancer and mastectomy does to your body.

    • avatar Cheryl says:

      To the cancer patients who made a choice to use chemo and radiation, consider this. Likely, you made that choice because you were afraid and the industry that profits the most off of those “treatments”, convinces doctors to recommend it without providing any, even more successful treatment options, to patients. If you look at statistics, there is NO better rate of surviving with chemo than doing nothing. When a patient dies, they don’t tell you how many die of the actual chemo versus the cancer. If they die, they blame the cancer. If they live, even in spite of the poisons, they credit the chemo. Many survivors choose other options, with less excruciating side effects. I personally did not use chemo, and never ever will. My biggest challenge in my struggle with cancer, is trying to be healthy in a toxic environment, of which I have little control.

  • avatar Cheryl says:

    Thank you for posting this. As a cancer survivor, I must say, the publicity around Angelina Jolie getting a boob job and people calling her “brave” really makes me sick. So, does a smoker cut off their tongue because of the higher risk of oral cancer? Melissa Etheridge survived this very cancer, and she called it right on Angelina Jolie. If Angelina was really concerned about cancer, she would have talked about how her terrible diet and the junk food she eats and feeds her children increase her risk, how the environmental pollution increases her risk, and how her past many years of drug abuse increases her risk. She would have talked about how healthy diet, and working to improve our environment, and avoiding putting toxins in your body via drugs or any other means are the best prevention tactics to cancer of any sort. Don’t believe the genetic lie either. There are triggers that shut genes on and off, and that is what we should focus on if we are to focus on the science of cancer. We are ALL genetically predisposed to one cancer or another, but notice cancer wasn’t largely prevalent when we were a less industrialized society, had a cleaner, less polluted environment and ate naturally, off the land.

  • avatar Cheryl says:

    Angelina Jolie is a plastic surgery junkie, even by Hollywood standards. I think psychological help would have been more appropriate. She has admitted to getting off on pain, so the excessive surgeries (her face is starting to get as extreme as Michael Jackson’s was…nose jobs, cheek implants, chin implants, eyes done, lower lip reduction) are not in any way brave. I didn’t think this had anything to do with her risk of cancer and instead an excuse to get to stop wearing her padded bras and get implants without being “judged”. Angelina Jolie is known for being the best media manipulator in the industry. Her mother had cancer many years before she died, and Angelina knew she had the gene years before making this decision. So then, why suddenly did she decide to do it now? IS she planning on doing another movie topless and wanted less saggy, much bigger breasts? Note, she increased her cup size by at least triple. When she got so anorexically skinny she lost her boobs and was padding them for the last 7 years. I think she wanted new boobs to feed her plastic surgery addiction, and decided to once again, manipulate the public. Frankly, what started out as good plastic surgery on her face, has gone too extreme and she is looking older and more artificial all the time. As her partner, Brad Pitt isn’t helping matters, when clearly looking at the woman and listening to her…she has some pretty deep, unresolved issues. I feel empathy that she felt so ugly growing up, especially with such a naturally beautiful mother and in an industry that tends not to value females based on anything but their outer shell. However, I think she is doing much harm to a lot of women who may mutilate their bodies not because it gives them sexual gratification like Angelina has admitted, but because they genuinely fear cancer and think this is really a smart, viable option.

  • avatar Cheryl says:

    A co-worker of mine was given a terminal sentence. Three months to live. She is still alive 20 years later. And, she didn’t survive by poisoning her body further, she survived by changing her diet. I also have a friend with breast cancer, who died within months of treatment. She chose chemo and radiation. I hope your health improves, and this isn’t to attack your personal choice. It is, however, to show that there are many choices out there, and respecting nature and how our bodies function first and resorting to the most drastic and mutilating ‘treatments’ as a last resort, may be a better alternative in approaching disease.

  • avatar Cheryl says:

    Obviously, this media manipulation works well for how many people have latched on to the 87% statistic and decided amputation of body parts is a viable solution. So, what will the story line be if Angelina doesn’t change her ways and gets cancer in another area, say her pancreas? That cancer has a much higher rate of death than breast cancer. Should we all just started cutting out organs???

  • avatar Mae T says:

    All I have to say is…who’s to say she really did have a double mastectomy?
    We know she claimed to had one and spoke of reasons. But no one really knows for sure.
    Medical information is just between doctors and patients.

    It’s not impossible to say that she wanted a new set of perky boobs since having 3 children and knew it would look vain and shallow.

    How would fans take to her getting breast implants?
    It would make her look insecure and shallow and possibly lose many women and girl followers.

    Can’t have that.
    So how does one control the mass opinion of her for receiving breast implants?

    First, one would need a legitimate reason…better yet, if it was in the form of a cause.

    Speak out about it so as to detract the real result one wants, which in this case is sporting new implants.
    And since it brings sooo many passionate people who have experience by someone they know or themselves it deters
    the fact that no one will ever know if she really had a double mastectomy in the first place because everyone will be hailing the effort as heroic and awe inspiring.

    The new set of boobs are then not only forgivable but deemed a well deserved reward for the cause.

    It’s called sleight of hand. Otherwise, known as misdirection. And it works. In this case, it’s effective in the technique of deterring.
    Deter- to discourage (from acting) or prevent (from occurring), usually by instilling fear, doubt, or anxiety

    Everyone here speaks of a topic of great importance, breast cancer.

    But whether her mother died of ovarian cancer or not(and yes she did) but it is not the point; nor does it negate the fact that no one REALLY knows for sure because we only have her and her husband’s word for it.

    And we all know, humans don’t lie.
    Especially, those that work in the entertainment industry; and certainly not someone who maintains an underfed appearance that I’m sure women around the world would deem healthy.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    But then again, her tattoo does say, “What nourishes me, destroys me.”

  • avatar Sheila Crone says:

    Please. Who cares why she had the surgery. Perhaps she would have not had it done if she still had perky breasts, as she probably did before the babies, but why is this an issue? It is her body. It’s unfortunate that many women with her chances of breast cancer will allow a movie star to influence their decision to do the same, but that is their decision to make.

  • avatar Stella G. says:

    People, haven’t you noticed that Angie’s boobs were already fake before she had preventive surgery? Come on?!? No REAL woman can be that anorexic and still have such large breasts.

  • avatar Maria says:

    People like you should have no right writing any articles at all. What an opinionated, bullshit response to someone who has gone above and beyond helping those less fortunate and making the world a better place. Why don’t you write something that will better the world instead of judging others when it’s none of your damn business. For the record, my double mastectomy is planned for the end of the month. This article is offensive to brave women everywhere. Shame on you!

  • avatar ConcernedReader says:

    You are so ignorant for posting this. You are going far past criticizing Angelina Jolie. If you had taken the time to talk with people who have this gene deletion then you would realize how completely insensitive and inconsiderate your writing is. How dare you speak about something that you have no experience with. As someone faced with the VERY difficult decision of surgery (and also very young and with fabulous, perky, DD breasts) I was so disappointed and hurt when reading this. I went to read articles to try and give me some hope and consolation and your ignorant and uneducated article was what I read. Please check your facts before generalizing your opinions about a celebrity to a section of women who have to deal with this very real thing.

    • avatar Bill says:

      You are so right. This Betty Bang (the author) is really a very ignorant piece of crap. It’s quite obvious from her articles she has some hangups that she needs a lot of help with. The problem is I don’t think she is smart enough to realize that she has a major problem.

  • avatar Angelica says:

    I don’t understand how someone can be heralded as a “hero” for doing preventative surgery? The heroes are the people living with cancer, getting out of bed everyday, suffering through chemo, those are heroes. It infuriates me that someone gets this title, and especially Angelina Jolie, that woman is a master manipulator of the press. In light of the sony hacks, I find it amusing that she’s very particular about the difference between “bald and shaved head” in the love scenes for cleopatra. That movie has been in the works for years now… I’ll make you a bet she’ll be showing off her preventative surgery… To all of you that have been through cancer YOU are the hero!

  • avatar Joy says:

    Anyone who thinks ‘lopping off your boobs’ and getting implants to replace them is anything like a typical ‘boob job’ is an idiot. I had bilateral mastectomies with reconstruction with implants due to breast cancer. They are round, they do not sag, but they wouldn’t fool anyone in the buff. And I had an excellent plastic surgeon. There is only so much a surgeon can do to achieve the same anterior projection of a natural breast. I chose the largest implants possible, but without the natural breast tissue on top of the implant, the size appears quite modest. Anjelina Jolie is very brave to sacrifice her natural breasts in this way, especially being publicly scrutinized at every moment.

  • avatar Patrice says:

    Wow how sadly uninformed you are.

    1. Breast implants have been saline for years sunce the silicone of the 1970’s proved to cause autoimune diseases. One being lupus.

    2. Do your research on the three stage testing she got and understand the diferrnces between each stage and the reason to proceed through the three steps, what the statistics mean and how that ultimately can predict the infividuals chances of getting both breast and ovarian cancer. The Testing indicates both are increased Dramatically breast 85% ovarisn 60%. I personally went to a genetic doctor in NYC out of a reputable hospitalanf got the exact information. Before you decide to tear down the character of someone get the facts. I intentionally did NOT list it here because it is your job as a supposed journalist to research before you write anything especially something medical.

    3. Angelina Jolie is a mother and she wants to live as long as possible to care for her children. She also has made worldwide contributions with her philanthropy. What have you done?

    4. As an actress and a great one as well as an amazing director she wants to continue her career and is is her perrogative to have reconstructive surgery.

    You are simply ignorant, uninformed, judgemental and inappropriate. These characteristics are reprehensible as a human being but also dangerous and misleading yo the public. Jolie’s bringing forth her struggle has shed light and clarity to millions of people and she probably has helped hundreds of women have the courage to get information.

    You are clearly write with the parameters of “yellow journalism.”

    My credentials? I am a former journalist and practicing registered nurse.

  • avatar Cheryl says:

    Patricia, you must have been one bad journalist and an even worse nurse!
    1) Silicone implants have been around and continued to be used. Even the majority of the saline ones have a silicone shell. You can’t really be that lazy that you don’t even bother to research something that is so well known and you call yourself a journalist? lmao. No wonder people no longer trust “journalists”.
    2) Her mother was diagnosed and knew she had the gene many years before she died. So why did Angelina suddenly need to have breast surgery? She had many years to do it, having known both about her mother and herself. Could it be the project she was planning on launching and she didn’t want the public to see her nude with her smaller, saggy breasts? That movie failed anyway! Why go from an A cup to at least a D cup if this was really about cancer? The woman is a walking billboard for plastic surgery. No less than 4 nose jobs, cheek implants, chin implant, eye job, lower lip reduction, face lift, neck lift…and this was all before she turned 40! She clearly has a lot of psychological issues (which you can relate to I see). As a journalist, aren’t you supposed to not put your personal feelings into your reporting? What happened to objectivity? And she is a mediocre actress at best, but to each their own on their personal tastes. Even if she is at higher risk for cancer, why chop off body parts before they get cancer instead of after? Should we cut off a leg if we are at risk for skin cancer in that area? The whole concept is ridiculous. And she really didn’t give a rat’s @ss about cancer in her decision, because if she did she wouldn’t continue to smoke nor would she eat like crap. She would develop a healthy routine. She is a horrible role model with her lifestyle and the fact that she can fool an entire planet into thinking a vanity boob job was about cancer prevention shows either what a great media manipulator she is, or how truly stupid the vast majority of the population is.
    3. And you know her motivation because you live inside her brain? Most people who do charity work and contribute don’t advertise on a world stage. Did you ever ask yourself why we know so much about what she does charity wise compared to all the people who do a lot but keep it private? Obviously she feels she has something to gain in the image department by being so public about it. You can donate to a lot of groups and keep it anonymous.
    4. What does her career have to do with getting implants? It wasn’t like her smaller boobs were exactly hurting her career.

    You need to ask yourself why you are so emotionally attached to someone you don’t even know.

    My credentials? Two time cancer survivor. Take that miss high and almighty.

    And no, I didn’t have a boob job and should I decide to do that or any plastic surgery, I will be honest about why I want to have it…and not create some bullsh!t response to gain sympathy for my vanity. I’m not against plastic surgery, I am against mentally unstable people with long histories of addiction (drug and plastic surgery in Angelina’s case) from anointing themselves as a moral authority and lying to millions of people that can jeopardize the health of those she is lying to.

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