Is Mariann Gavelo’s Unreal Butt Really Real?


Mariann Gavelo wants you to believe that her gigantic badonkadonk is the real deal. And she thinks that her infant diaper size will prove the authenticity of her huge adulthood booty. According to Mariann:

My bottom is real … Real!!! I used large diapers as a kid. Seriously, the older I get, the bigger it gets.”

So there you have it…case closed! Mariann Gavelo’s butt is obviously real because she pooped in “large diapers” when she was a kid. (Obviously the 30-year old actress doesn’t have any kids and doesn’t realize that diapers don’t come is small/medium/large sizes.)

Mariann Gavelo before and after Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery

How “real” is Mariann Gavelo’s butt, really though? Well, we think she is telling a half-truth by saying that her butt is the real deal. It’s true that she doesn’t have anything foreign, like butt implants, stuffed in there, but her butt has been surgically augmented. The current shape of Mariann Gavelo’s butt is the obvious shape that is achieved through getting a surgical “Brazilian Butt Lift”. Basically, a Brazilian Butt lift is when a plastic surgeon gives you a bunch of liposuction above and below the butt, as well as around the entire waistline. Then, after the surgeon carves your butt into the trendy heart-shape that is popular now, he injects the fat collected through liposuction into the butt to fill it out even more. Would you consider that to be a “real” butt? We don’t. And quite honestly, we love beautiful curvy bodies, but this Brazilian Butt Lift thing is getting out of control. Some doctors are making them look so fake that it’s laughable, and not sexy at all. If you ask us, after having butt augmentation surgery, Mariann looks more like an insect than a sexy latina woman. Nice gaster, Mariann!

If it was possible to invest in a future plastic surgery, we would put all of our money into butt lifts and butt reconstruction, because in 5 years all of these woman with augmented butts are going to have the weirdest shaped, sagging bags of fat drooping off their lower backs. Something that I know that all of these young girls getting butt injections are not even thinking about.

More pictures of Mariann Gavelo:

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