Amanda Bynes Concludes That She Needs Another Nose Job After Drug Arrest


The crazy train that is Amanda Bynes continues to barrel out of control and her latest antics have landed her in jail. Amanda was arrested late Thursday night and charged with drug possession, evidence tamper and reckless endangerment after cops witnessed her chuck a bong out the 36th-floor window of her apartment building.

While being booked into jail in New York City, Amanda was required to remove her long blonde wig which revealed that the former child star had shaved her head. And, judging by her expression in the mugshot, Amanda was not happy about being photographed without her wig on.

Mugshot reveals that image-concious Amanda is nearly bald:
Amanda Bynes Bald Mugshot

Amanda was allowed to wear her ratty, unbrushed, ill-fitting wig into court in the morning where she faced the judge and was released with a stern warning and a promise that she would appear again in court in July.

Amanda Bynes appears in court with her lawyer and her wig:
Amanda Bynes Bad Blonde Wig in Court

So what has 27-year old Amanda Bynes learned from this embarrassing situation? Apparently that she needs another nose job. Immediately after being released from jail, the troubled former actress tweeted:

I only smoke tobacco I don’t drink or do drugs. I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get another nose job after seeing my mugshot!

Should we save Amanda’s mugshot as the “before” 2nd nose job photo and start taking bets on when she will get more plastic surgery?

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