Women Has Butt, Hands and Legs Amputated After Botched Butt Injections


Becoming an amputee probably never crosses the minds of the thousands of women that undergo illegal butt plumping injections, and one woman is speaking out in an effort to change that. Her name is Apryl Michelle Brown and all she wanted was a rounder, more shapely butt. Instead she ended up enduring years of pain before having her hands, legs and butt amputated in a bid to save her life.

Apryl Michelle Brown after having her limbs and butt amputated:
Butt Shots AmputeePhoto: Kawai Matthews

While working in a hair salon in 2004, Apryl met a woman that admitted to giving illegal butt plumping injections and throwing “pumping parties” where she administered butt injections to women in her home. Although Apryl was aware that this woman had no medical background, she had dreamed of having a shapelier behind since she was a teenager, and immediately agreed to have the butt injection procedure. Apryl visited the woman’s home, where she was assessed and told that she would need 3 – 4 sessions of injections, at $500 each, to achieve the result that she was after. The first round of injections took an hour and was extremely painful, and after returning for round two, Apryl had a moment of clarity. According to Apryl:

After going through it again I had an epiphany. As I left her house I thought, ‘What am I doing? I have no idea what she’s putting in my body’. I never returned. But though I didn’t know it then, my life had already changed forever.

Unbeknownced to Apryl, she had just spent nearly $1000 to have industrial grade silicon sealant, the kind a handyman would use to seal the grout around your bathtub, injected into her body. Apryl’s body soon started to react to the toxic substance and within a few months, the silicon that was injected into her butt hardened and the skin began to turn black. Like most woman in her position, Apryl was too embarrassed about what she had done to seek medical attention, but when she started to get constant burning pain in and around the injection sites, she knew that she needed the help of a real doctor.

Over the next 4 years, Apryl was constantly in extreme pain and was in and out of the hospital between trying to find a doctor that could help her and trying to manage the indescribable pain that she was living with. She was told that it was too risky to try and remove the silicon, but she could not live with the pain anymore and decided to have a doctor attempt to remove the silicon from her butt. Unfortunately, the risky surgery did not go as planned and she was put in a medically induced coma for two months while doctors fought infection and narrowly saved her life. All in all, the doctors performed 27 surgeries on Apryl including amputation of her buttocks, hands and lower legs.

Apryl before and after botch butt injections changed her life forever:
Apryl Michelle Brown before and after botched butt shots

Since the beginning of her ordeal with botched butt shots, which resulted in her becoming a quadriplegic, Apryl has obviously been through a roller coaster of emotions. Surprisingly, she never sought out the woman that administered the toxic injections that changed her life forever and has no plans to sue. She simply wants to move on with her life and hopes that sharing her story will change the minds of other women considering getting butt injections. According to Apryl:

I believe I survived to share my story. I want to warn others of the dangers of black-market surgery. We were born whole, perfect and complete. My greatest message is we have to learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

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  • avatar Lisa Jackson says:

    I got butt injections awhile ago when I was young and dumb, I am now experiencing burning. My doctor can’t help me. This is so scary and makes me really sad

  • avatar JJHafford says:

    While I am saddened to hear of this beautiful woman’s horrifying ordeal, I believe that that the person responsible should have been sought out in order to be brought to justice. She is becoming rich off of the pain of others. Think of the untold number of lives she continues to ruin with her illegal actions, if anything, she should be stopped before lives are lost.

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