Angelina Jolie Debuts New Breast Implants at “World War Z” Premier


Today Angelina Jolie made a public appearance for the first time since getting new breast implants. Angelina accompanied Brad Pitt to the premiere of his new film, “World War Z”, and dressed her new girls in a pretty black gown by Saint Laurent.

Angelina Jolie before and after breast implants:
Angelina Jolie before and after breast implants

Angelina Jolie shocked fans last month by revealing that she had a preventative double mastectomy plus reconstruction with breast implants, so all eyes were on Angelina at the premiere (well, all eyes are usually on Angelina, but even more so today).

It appears that 37-year old Angelina has chosen to take her deflated B-cups up to full C-cups (is it still considered “reconstuction” if you go up a size?), and while her new breast implants are still sitting a bit high, so far they look pretty good. Although, Angelina’s boobs arn’t out of the woods yet. It takes several months to fully heal from breast implant surgery, and she is still at risk for complications associated with breast implants. Cameron Diaz looked pretty good immediately after getting breast implants too, but ended up suffering from capsular contracture and was left with rock-hard looking implants.

By deciding to trade in her natural breast tissue and replacing it with these attractive silicon bags, Angelina may have reduced her risk of breast cancer but now she has a whole new set of issues that may arise. According to the FDA, because Angelina Jolie has decided to get breast implants and they don’t last forever, she should expect to have additional surgeries in the future. Angelina should also closely monitor her implants and have an MRI every other year in order to check for small leaks. If they leak, you are exposed to a whole new list of possible health issues, and more surgery is required to replace the implants. Oh, and then there is this: Angelina has also increased her risk for anaplastic large cell lymphona. Yep, that’s a fancy word for cancer.

Hmmm. Worth it?

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  • avatar MCH says:

    Jolie’s family history of Cancer is very serious.

    Her mother, n mother’s sister both died of cancer. There is cancer on both sides of her family, going back to her great grandparents.

    In a history of cancer like this in Jolie’s family, I think Jolie is totally justified to do whatever she can to prevent herslef getting cancer.

    Breast Implants? so what? Are women suppose to go around ‘flat chested’ after a mastectemy?

    Would you?

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    She got paid by the company to say she got some BS test so she could get new implants. Case closed! IF SHE WAS REALLY SCARED OF CANCER SHE WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN THE IMPLANTS, RATHER GO FLAT AND BE HEALTHY RIGHT????? She fooled everyone, not me! LOLOLOL

  • avatar doofus says:

    Really?? Implants after all the hype about her being scared of cancer?? oh angelina….bad girl

  • avatar Crissy says:

    I don’t think she would even have implants yet. This is probably just stuffing. When Christina Applegate had the same surgery they had to put in balloons that stretch the skin slowly in order to allow an implant to even go in. Implants would be a long process after this kind of surgery.

  • avatar Jo says:

    She made an extremely hard decision and I for one completely stand behind her. I’m currently going through the reconstructive phase due to also having the gene and it’s extremely difficult and painful, but if it prevents me from going through what my 22 year old sister had to go through when she developed stage 2 breast cancer. She developed it 6months after being checked for it and cleared because my mother having found out she carried the gene. We all carry it and all made the choice to have the surgery to save our lives. The chances of implant problems are WAY less then put chances of getting cancer and yes we all wanted to feel some what normal again. Don’t judge if you haven’t been through it yourself! Also I got a cup size bigger because if I have to go through a year of hell and surgery then you bet your ass I’m getting them to a size that makes me feel sexy since ill have scars my whole life.

  • avatar Teri says:

    Angelina should be ashamed of herself. I hope the media exposes her aging breasts, and want for bigger breasts are the only reasoning behind this surgery. What a slap in the face to actual breast cancer survivors. Now her ovaries aka tummy tuck. Dirty, filthy liar.

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