5 Female Celebrities That Went Bald Because of Hair Extensions


Hair extensions have become extremely popular, especially with celebrities. So popular, in fact that many woman wouldn’t be caught dead without their hair extensions, and their addiction to perfectly coifed fake hair is leading them towards their worst nightmare…pre-mature balding!

Well, us Average Janes with a love for hair extensions are not alone…Here are 5 celebrities who have suffered hair loss and baldness brought on by the overuse of hair extensions:

Bald Female Stars Britney SpearsBritney Spears infamously shaved her head in 2007, but it wasn’t because she was a crazy, drug-fueled maniac. It was because her uncomfortable hair extensions were painfully pulling out her hair! Okay, maybe it was a combination of the two, but if you’ve ever had your extensions in for too long, shaving them off on a whim may have crossed your mind too. Britney took to wearing wigs for a little while, but she’s back to wearing extensions again and they still look bad. Perhaps they are court ordered extensions to keep up the facade that the legally crazy (she’s been under a conservatorship for over 5 years now), lobotomized pop star is still the same old money-making machine.

Bald Female Stars Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes and her epically bad blonde Barbie wig made an appearance in court last month, but apparently NYPD wouldn’t let her wear the ridiculous accessory when she posed for her mugshot, which revealed that Amanda is indeed nearly bald. Amanda shaved her head in April after she started going bald from overprocessing and overuse of hair extensions. Amanda is now sporting wigs while she waits (and waits and waits) for her scalp to heal and her hair to grow back in. I don’t know about you, but I kinda like the pre-plastic surgery, pre-hair extension, pre-Twitter pity party Amanda Bynes from a couple of years ago…

Bald Female Stars Amy WinehouseIn addition to her amazing voice, Amy Winehouse was also known for her lengthy hair extensions and gigantic retro bouffant. Sadly, long hair extensions are not light! When your natural hair is being weighed down by, literally, several feet of fake hair something is bound to break. And unfortunately, natural hair is going to break before synthetic which results in awkward bald spots on the scalps of chronic hair extension users. Although it was probably the least of her problems, Amy Winehouse also suffered from bald spots caused by the overuse of hair extensions.

Bald Female Stars Katie PriceKatie Price has a love/hate relationship with her extensive beauty routine and fake body parts. Currently, she is hating what her fake, full, flowing extensions have done to her natural hair. According to Katie, she feels “disgusting” without her extensions and the condition of her natural hair continues to deteriorate as the extensions have caused bald spots on the sides of her head. Katie has experimented with wigs in an effort to give her hair a break from extensions, but its never long before the British beauty caves and gives into her addiction to hair extensions.

Bald supermodel Naomi CambellSupermodel Naomi Campbell has been wearing hair extensions and wigs for the most part of her adult life, and as the 43-year old model has learned, extensive use of extensions will cause balding. The model, who has seemingly sworn off of extensions, now uses wigs to cover up her nearly bald head. Personally, I think it is a damn shame that a women as beautiful as Naomi Campbell has never been photographed without fake hair on her head. If any woman can pull off being bald, it’s Naomi Campbell! Shave your head and lose those ratty wigs already!

Balding and bald spots caused by the pull from hair extensions in called alopecia traction and this condition is effecting more and more young women every year. In the last 3 years, the average age of females looking to correct balding and hair loss has gone from 51-years old to 34-years old and female hair loss patients have increased almost 50% in the last year alone. Are hair extensions worth it?

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