Nina Moric Regrets Having Plastic Surgery at 18-Years Old


Formerly the love interest in Ricky Martin’s hit music video “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” Croatian model Nina Moric is now livin’ la vida typical of other female celebrities, with plastic surgery galore. From lip fillers to cheek implants, you can tell by before and after pictures that Nina’s new look came at the hands of a plastic surgeon. And while Nina’s plastic surgery isn’t exactly terrible, it’s really sad that such a beautiful woman felt the need to have cosmetic surgery in the first place. She stands 5’11” with legs a mile long, and she’s got the body of a goddess. So why mess with the face, Nina? We just don’t get it.

Nina Moric through the years:
nina moric plastic surgery

Nina was born in Croatia and was actually studying to be a lawyer when she won the 1996 Croatian Elite “Look of the Year” modeling competition and decided to pursue a modeling career in the United States. This led her to relocate to Los Angeles, where she tried her hand at acting and singing, and then eventually landed herself on the cover of Maxim and other men’s magazines. Needless to say, Nina’s career never quite took off, and now she apparently regrets having the plastic surgery she probably thought would earn her millions.

Nina Moric in Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca”:

Like plenty of celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery to further their career, Nina Moric is having serious second thoughts about deciding to alter her appearance. Although the 36-year-old has only admitted to having her lips done – a procedure she underwent at the age of 18 – she also appears to have had cheek implants or a cheekbone augmentation in an effort to make them more defined. What it did instead what make her look like she had plastic surgery. Now, Nina’s lip job isn’t nearly as bad as say, Lisa Rhinna’s trout pout, but it’s nearly there. Poor girl.

We just don’t get the celebrity obsession with plastic surgery, when it often makes the person nearly unrecognizable. Take Portia de Rossi, for instance. After seven years off the air, the new season of Arrested Development finally aired this month, and die-hard fans of the show have spent nearly every episode wondering what happened to Portia de Rossi’s face, which appears to be permanently frozen in a look of surprise. So, we don’t blame Nina Moric for regretting her plastic surgery, especially since she was much prettier before she went under the knife. We just wish all these plastic surgery regrets would stop other natural beauties from making the same mistake!

More pictures of Nina Moric:

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