Miley Cyrus Before and After Cosmetic Dentistry


Miley Cyrus has had to endure growing up in the public eye, awkward stages and all, since being thrust into show business at the tender age of 11. And like most starlets with millions of dollars at their disposal and an impressional young mind, Miley is starting with the cosmetic enhancements at a young age. Miley is barely out of her teens and she has already had plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Miley is currently sporting a full mouth of blinding white, extra large veneers, which is a far cry from the small uneven teeth that she was born with.

Miley Cyrus before and after cosmetic dentistry:
Miley Cyrus before and after veneers cosmetic dentistry

Miley has a full set of veneers on the top and bottom which have evened out her teeth and corrected her formerly gummy smile. But…don’t they look a little bit thick to you? Like she has dentures? Maybe her cosmetic dentist has a thing for those kitschy chattering teeth toys…

Miley’s smile makeover inspiration?

One can only guess what’s next on Miley Cyrus’s cosmetic enhancement hit list. The 20-year old pop star has been undergoing a total metamorphoses this last year which started with her extreme short blonde haircut and her seemingly unstoppable desire to trade in her cute Disney image for one that is much sexier. Maybe Miley has her eye on some juicy butt implants to go along with her new favorite hobby…twerkin’! Check out Miley poppin’ that little white girl booty on stage with Juicy J:

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