Farrah Abraham Got Bigger Breast Implants In Order To “Look More Natural”


Looks like Farrah has cashed her Vivid check and is already spending it on more plastic surgery. Farrah, who has already gone under the knife for breast implants, rhinoplasty and a chin implant, added onto her plastic surgery portfolio by getting her 2nd boob job and upsizing her saline C-cups for silicon D-cups.

Farrah Abraham before and after her 2nd breast augmentation surgery:
farrah abraham before and after 2nd breast augmentation boob job

Farrah Abraham just turned 22, which subsequently is the minimum age required by the FDA to get silicon breast implants, and she has already spent $30,000 on plastic surgery. I’m not a fan of Farrah’s and have never seen an episode of the show “Teen Mom”, but my impression of her from media/paparazzi interviews is that she is just really, really dumb. Like, reallllly dumb (and a horrible actress). After reading her interview about her new boobs, I’m going to add delusional to the top three words I would use to describe Farrah Abraham.

According to Farrah, who has had 4 plastic surgeries in 3 years:

I don’t think I’ve done too much surgery at a young age. I’m looking amazing. No one who meets me thinks I’ve had plastic surgery. I don’t look fake. Obviously, I look good…

And after getting giant D-cup breast implants, Farrah says:

I look more natural. I would not get boob implants that were porn-star status, I’m very realistic about keeping myself looking natural.

I would like to say it’s ironic that Farrah would never dream of getting breast implants that would make her look like a porn star, since she (and her breast implants) starred in her very own porn, but I think I’m just going to stick with dumb here…

Farrah Abraham and her new 650cc breast implants before surgery:
Farrah Abraham holding her new silicon breast implantsPhoto: InTouch

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  • avatar MCH says:

    Farrah’s got ‘bigger lips, bigger boobs’…maybe she should get a BIGGER head?

  • avatar Bill says:

    Baby, you are right, you look amazing. Nice move. If you read this be aware that the writer of these articles is a dip shit so ignore what s/he writes. They are looking for their 15 minutes of fame which which you have already achieved.

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