Courtney Stodden Finally Got Those New Breast Implants


courtneystoddenstuffedbraLooks like Courtney Stodden finally replaced that over-stuffed bra with the breast implants she has always wanted! According to a tweet from Courtney today, she is heading over to her plastic surgeon’s office for her breast implant surgery follow up appointment:

“Heading to Dr Linder’s office for a follow-up & feeling good. Woot! (.)(.)”

Apparently Courtney decided to go with Dr. Stuart Linder, who is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation.

So just how big did Courtney Stodden go with her new breast implants? Hopefully the 18-year old wannabe star stayed tasteful and didn’t go over the top with the size of her new breast implants, but come on, what’s the chance of that? Judging by the amount of padding Courtney likes to stuff into her bra and swimsuits, we would be surprised if she didn’t emerge from her breast augmentation surgery with at least a DD-cup (which looks totally ridiculous on a girl her size, but to each their own, right?).

If today is Courtney Stodden’s 1-week post breast surgery follow up, then we can expect to see her Twitter page flooded with boobtastic selfies in 1 – 2 weeks, when her bandages come off.



  • avatar Mandy says:

    She is such a phoney! she had implants already. She just wanted to go up a size so she could get media attention. Now she can concentrate on working on whatever talent she is supposed to have. Bahaha

  • avatar Bill says:

    Wonder what idiot writes these articles?

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