Anthony Michael Hall is Dating Lacey Wildd?!


Do you remember Anthony Michael Hall in the 80’s cult classic, “Weird Science”? In the movie Anthony and a friend made their very own dream girl in a very Frankenstein-esque way. Fast forward to 2013, nearly 25 years after Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith donned bras on their heads in an attempt to create the perfect woman, Anthony Michael Hall is now dating real-life plastic surgery recreation, Lacey Wildd.

Couple Alert? Anthony Michael Hall and Lacey Wildd are reportedly dating:anthony michael hall lacey wildd dating

Anthony and Lacey have been spotted around Hollywood lately, but judging by the pictures of the two of them together, this is a new relationship and Anthony isn’t exactly flaunting it. And, well, we don’t really blame him. Lacey’s own children are embarrassed by their mother’s extreme plastic surgery, but Lacey refuses to stop and claims that her huge breasts and surgically altered body pay the bills for her family.

Anthony and Lacey in Hollywood:
Anthony Michael Hall and Lacey Wildd in Hollywood

Forty five year old Lacey has undergone over a dozen risky breast enlargement surgeries in the pursuit of her dream to have the 5th largest breasts in the world, but that is just the tip of the plastic surgery iceberg. Lacey has transformed 90% of her body with plastic surgery and has had multiple tummy tucks, full-body liposuction (several times), butt implants, butt lifts, face lifts, etc. The mother of 6 even had her plastic surgeon create an internal corset-like device that supports her gigantic breast implants. Weird science, indeed! Which may be why we think it’s pretty ironic that the kid from Weird Science is dating a real-life science experiment now…

Kelly Lebroc and Anthony Michael Hall in the cult classic movie “Weird Science”:Kelly Le Broc and Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science

Check out the shocking photos of Lacey Wildd before and after plastic surgery!

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  • avatar Bill says:

    Michael, you are one lucky S.O.B. Treat her well my friend, she deserves it.

  • Lacey is one of the sweetest, most loving people in this world and has raised 6 amazing children. No exactly flaunting it? He should be SO lucky to be able to date her!

  • avatar Brian says:

    What a highly interesting combination! I’d love to see that show!

  • avatar lacey says:

    Well I guess if you are all so interested in my private life you will have to read my nook I am writing. A tell all. Will be very juicy.. lol

  • avatar Maxine Montoya says:

    Am I the only one that is interested in her breast augmentation story and only that? It’s interesting to think that people get paid for publishing baseless speculation that’s completely irrelevant to a celebrity’s reason for being famous.

  • avatar Jeddy says:

    I doubt this is true. Most of this crap is rumor mill stuff. Lacey’s got better taste than to beat a woman beater.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Advice from the peanut gallery, Lacey: Be discreet, no one likes a kiss and tell except the type that write these kinds of websites and most of the ones that read them. It could come back to bite you in the long run. Best of luck with it though.

  • avatar Tom says:

    This is an interesting twist for the has been star. Anthony Michael Hall gone Wild.

  • avatar Tom says:

    Lacey is pregnant? Rumors.. A brat pack of her own?

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