Lady Gaga’s Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformation in 2013!


After being noticeably absent from the media following her hip surgery in February, Lady Gaga has reappeared to sing the national anthem at the Gay Pride Rally in New York last weekend. And, well, something seems a little different about Gaga! In additional to a new hip, Lady Gaga is reportedly sporting a surgically altered face to boot!

Lady Gaga before and after plastic surgery:
Lady Gaga Nose Job 2013

Lady Gaga is well known for reinventing herself, so is not super unusual that she showed up after four months in near seclusion, looking different, but Gaga’s latest re-invention involves a bit more than her usual wacky costumes and crazy makeup. A remarkably slimmer nose, puffed up lips and frozen face seem to be the result of plastic surgery, and the dramatic results don’t take an expert to spot. I think it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga was definitely not born this way…

Lady Gaga plastic surgery 2013

Although Lady Gaga has always claimed to support “being yourself”, she doesn’t exactly practice what she preaches. Lady Gaga started dabbling with plastic surgery in 2008, shortly after she signed her first record deal, and this is when she got her first rhinoplasty surgery. Gaga was only 20 years old when she was signed by Interscope, and as most young up-and-coming stars will tell you, record-producing experts will effectively just sit you down and tell you what you need to change in order to achieve famousness (and yes, looks have as much, or more to do with selling records than actual singing ability). Rumor has it that in addition to the nose job, Lady Gaga has also had a chin implant and lip injections in the past.

So what about 2013? Has Gaga had more plastic surgery recently? According to photo comparisons, it appears that she may have spent the last 4 months of downtime from her hip surgery, healing from another nose job as well. Lady Gaga’s nose has gone from distractingly prominent, to prominent/distinquished and now to just another “perfect” plastic nose.

Lady Gaga before and after a second nose job?
Lady Gaga nose job profile 2013

I mean really…Who gets a bunch of custom-made designer wheelchairs made, and then hides out from the paparazzi for months? (Someone that has had plastic surgery and doesn’t want you to know…). After watching Lady Gaga belt out her version of the Star Spangled Banner, it’s also obvious that the 27-year old singer has also had a bit too much Botox that has left her eyebrows, forehead and much of her face completely immobilized. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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  • avatar Lola says:

    I would like to see her fans defend this with makeup tricks and angles !

    She looks WAY prettier now – I love her new nose, it makes her look more feminine

    Im not too sure about the lip injections though, as an avid restalyne perlane user, her lips look really natural.

    She should invest in breast implants – really small ones that perk up her chest rather than enlarge it.

  • avatar Natalija says:

    I don’t actually think she has had work done, it just looks like she’s wearing instant lift tape.. She has worn it in the past to achieve certain looks. I have it and use it when I look tired. It gives you an instant mini face lift. Wait until her next appearance. I bet she’ll look very much like herself again. As for the nose surgery at the beginning of her career, I do believe she has had surgery, but she was also very young. I don’t think she had even established her philosophies then. And her nose was very large and offensive. As sad as it is, I think it was almost necessary to have it done in order to make a career for herself

  • avatar Rob says:

    Beside the temporary lip injections (she wrote herself on LM chat that she loves them, it suits the “immature” nature of her new album ARTPOP), personally I really don’t believe she had any plastic surgery or radical cosmetic enhancements; temporary injections in nose and cheeks maybe too (non-surgical nose jobs for example can enhance the appearance slightly, but the difference is not really big or siginificant and it only lasts for a short time), but not more. If you look at good old pictures from her (childhood, teenage years, starting of her career…) and compare them you can see that her nose and chin have always been the same; the shape, the size – there’s really no difference. Look at as much pictures as possible that show her profile from the side and the same angle (without fishbowl objective etc.)from different ages and with no make up contouring, digital retouching and/or flattering lightening (effects) etc. – I hardly can see any difference, seriously.

    And just for the record: Her song “Born This Way” is taken way too literal by the press – it’s sad that people don’t understand it’s real meaning. Listen to Lady GaGa in her interviews when she explains it – obviously she was not born with wigs, make up, fake nails, lashes, fake tan, bleached eyebrows, shaved backhead etc. – (and she had much more weight in High School, “rabbit” teeth and curly brown hair) – I’m sure that would have freaked her mother Cynthia out LOL – it’s about believing in the person you want to become and being who you are. “Let society doesn’t define for you what is beautiful or not” – she always wanted full lips (she always contoured them), now she got them. But she also always wanted body modifications and tattoos – so for “Born This Way” she got fake implants (make up prothesics) – she wanted them really implanted but her boyfriend wouldn’t allow it – anyway, her tattoos are real. She finds stereotype beauty attractive but also the opposite. The world isn’t just black or white – I like grey as well.
    It’s true that she wanted to get a nose job when she was bullied but then she discovered Andy Warhol’s painting “Before and After” which says “raped” on it and that made her cry (no joke), so that’s why she refused to do it. She bleached her hair though because back then she was never taken for the lead in High School musical plays unless she wore a blond wig and as a brunette constantly mistaken for Amy Winehouse…

    • avatar Former die-hard Little Monster says:

      I don’t agree. Her nose is REALLY smaller and more narrow. I love how monsters always defend everything she does. Like how wearing fur suddenly had a legit reason. I think you should all be mature enough to realize that she had her nose made smaller in two steps. One in 2008-09 or so and one before the tour in 2012 when the bumb disappeared. Also, when someone who’s still in their twenties decides to inject botox they look older, like a 40 year old that had plastic surgery. And that is what Gaga looks like. A plastic 40 year old woman.

    • avatar louis says:

      Dude. You are really wearing some rose colored glass and must be like, her best friend or something. Just keep drinking the Kool-Aid and try and forget that these people have only one goal in mind: Sell, Sell, Sell.

  • avatar Mortimer says:



    Seriously, I believe the pictures above that famousplastic posted are either photoshopped or her nose was really at that time period bigger because she was doing coke and it got swollen or the lens of the camera morphed it in an unflattering way.

  • avatar tb says:

    I always thought this. But ever since ive seen picture of that drag show (rupaul?), makeup can really do wonders. But she looks completely different every day. It’s kind of confusing

  • avatar Howie says:

    Rob, that would be fantastic if that were Lady Gaga’s true intentions. She goes after the gays and people who have extremely low self esteem to help build her fortune.

    She had it all growing up, even her friends from high school stated this. Not to mention her parents were friends with the Hiltons. She was never an outcast and was always allowed to be who she was.

    Now? Totally the opposite of who she truly is.

    As a gay man myself, she deeply offends me every time she opens her mouth about being ‘born this way’. Highly offended.

    She has had quite a few songs that I really enjoyed, but her last album was crap, aside from Judas.

    When she first came out she wall about large penis’ being her only requirement for a BF, joking, probably, but that was the real Lady Gaga, the enjoyable one. This new one?

    No thanks. Nobody really cares about her antics already. Her tour had to be cancelled due to low ticket sales.

    Even if she had hip surgery, it is still well known that her ticket sales were low and the tour was going to be cancelled either way.

    Anyways, if she goes back to fun pop songs and stops trying to dance, because really, she can’t, hence hip surgery at 26? then I am sure I will groove along to the music, just not her. Faker then Mariah Carey. Now that’s tough!

  • avatar pfft says:

    So Gaga can’t be too much of a leader if she is so submissive she has to do what her bf tells her lol I guess that’s why she copies Madonna so much. Not a leader. The chin implant looks crazy.

  • avatar sara says:

    I think she looks great! I’m not offended that she sings about one thing and does something that is perceived as the opposite in her private life. That’s like not watching How I Met Your Mother because Neil Patrick Harris plays a womanizer but is gay in real life. Gaga is a performer, not the pope.

  • avatar Cat says:

    I just hope she doesn’t go down the Michael Jackson route and starts thinking that she is a work of art and that surgery is a part of that.

    26 is young for hip surgery but not unknown, she just took advantage of her recovery time to also recover from a little nip and tuck and what appears to be botox and maybe fillers. I don’t have a problem with people having surgery, I do, however, have a problem with people who are self professed examples to a younger and impressionable generation who then have surgery like it’s no big deal – what kind of message does that send out? Possibly the same as a 19 year old singer using steroids to get abs and then walking around in cold weather without a shirt on…but I digress.

    I would have more respect for Gaga if she said, “I had nose surgery because I didn’t like my nose, it’s my body and I can do what I like with it”. Honesty, people, honesty.

  • avatar stacie says:

    A nose job is pretty obvious but I’ve heard she doesn’t want to admit it. Who can understand celebrities? πŸ˜› I also underwent a nose surgery by Dr. Jerome Edelstein at Edelstein Cosmetic and I’m very honest about it. All my friends and family know about this plastic surgery. I even recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to reduce the size of his or her nose. πŸ™‚

  • avatar Char says:

    If I had a nose like hers, I guess I might get it fixed too. Early photos from different angles make it look like it’s been broken badly. It’s extremely hard to have a noticeable imperfection when you’re constantly in the public eye.

    I appreciate her message, and the fact that she hasn’t shied away from supporting the LGBT community, even though that alienates middle America.

    That said, I often find her pretentious. And her singing here just isn’t that good (for a famous singer). I could sing the anthem better, and I’m no Renee Fleming. Or Whitney Houston. At least she sang it live, I guess.

  • avatar Andrea says:

    That sucks! I thought she looked uniquely beautiful with her nose…

  • avatar Gus says:

    Who ever wrote this obviously doesn’t know anything about plastic surgery. First of all, she would have gotten her nose fixed in 2010; this means that her 2011 nose would not have been fully healed. It often takes years to see the final result after rhinoplasty. And second, I absolutely loathe this woman, but even I can see that she had a really good nose job – just really subtle and elegant.

  • avatar Linzee says:

    Her new nose looks great! Her old one was really taking all the focus away from the rest of her pretty facial features. Now when you look at her face you don’t just hone in on her nose, you take the whole thing in at once.

  • avatar Jose says:

    Why not do a nose jobs with one of the excellent plastic surgeons that we have nowadays? This are not the times when Michell Jackson did his nose job and other changes and you can see the difference. But I really do not think that a girl in her twenties needs botox. It is a fact that her face looks paralyzed, no expression face marks in this video. Anyway I love Lady Gaga, before, middle and after.

  • avatar Anni says:

    She did not have plastic surgery
    Her nose looks looks the same. I know sometimes in magazines they photoshop the way she looks which I don’t like beacause she is beutifull no matter what. But why would she have plastic surgery. So Mabey her nose looks smaller in music videos and magazines.
    But I won’t believe she had plastic surgery unless she says she does.
    People also say she had a boob job which also isn’t true.

    • avatar Lin says:

      She does NOT look the same! It is not just her nose she has had work on. Her eyes are also different. She looks better, and actually attractive now. Before…pretty much ewww!

  • avatar Valentin says:

    This article is ridiculous. When will the media stop making up stories about artists just to get the public’s attention. You should be ashamed. Many years ago, before Gaga was famous, her ex-boyfriend told her she would never make it. So she replied that she was going to move to L.A. & get a nose job & finally make it into the industry. But once she got there, she fell in love with Andy Warhol’s work, & it became her bible. & if you knew a least a little about him, you’d know about his artwork that portrays “before – after” drawings of a woman, before & after a nose job. Gaga then realized that getting a nose job was absolutely not what she wanted, & didn’t wanna conform to anything anymore to fit in the industry. That’s the idea behind ‘The Fame’; the inner sense of being famous. Not everybody knowing who you are, but everybody wanting to know who you are, because you project an interesting image & idea.

    So please, before you post anymore articles with a level of integrity as low as this one, check your sources; Lady Gaga never got a rhinoplasty, it’s called make-up & photoshop.

  • avatar Joelle says:

    I still find it extremely amusing that in this day and age when stars and singers etc. have had plastic surgery for years & are still denying it when it’s so obvious especially now with the Internet and the Photoshop and everything else
    More annoying is the hypocrisy Lady Gaga symbolizes or so she thinks of herself as an independent do anything type of woman and yet she’s fallen to all the specifications that managers studios etc. have put her under she’s a big disappointment to me doesn’t matter to her but I think when she’s lying she’s just lying to herself

  • avatar Timo says:

    Despite her brigade for loving who you are, she has shown that hypocrisy breeds in all of us–even her. I was shocked and dismayed to discover that she was getting mini-surgeries, especially on her nose. It’s obvious that she’s had at least half-a-dozen subtle nose jobs, She can’t show up one year with an entirely new look and lose even more fans, after the dismal sales of the worst album of the decade–ARTPOP. I believe she’s had many conservative surgeries over time, including a chin implant. Anyone on this site claiming she hasn’t had a nose job needs to visit their nearest eye doctor. What’s sad is that her shock-and-awe approach cost her yet another Super Bowl Half Time Show. They were probably afraid she’d have people throw up on her, as they did at SXSW. Needless to say, I am no longer a Little Monster.

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