Audrey O’Day Loves Her Some Photoshop


Months ago we saw this photo (link is NSFW) that Audrey O’Day posted to Instagram, and it made us think: “Wow Audrey O’Day either got a ton of liposuction or she is badly photoshopping her Instagram photos”. Upon further investigation, uh, yeah, Audrey’s Instagram is full of obviously photoshopped photos and selfies that look nothing like her real-life self.

Audrey O’Day in real-life and in her Instagram fantasy world:
Aubrey Oday before and after photoshop

Audrey is currently on vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend and the pictures above were both taken within days of each other. The one on the left was taken by the paparazzi and the one on the right Aubrey posted to Instagram with the caption: “Hi my name is Aubrey, and I’m a bikini junkie! #MauiBabe“. Bikini junkie? Sure. Photoshop junkie? Definitely!

Audrey O’Day performing at the Chicago Pride festival and the picture she posted to Instagram the same day:
Aubrey Oday Photoshops her Instagram pictures

Take the pictures above of Audrey performing at the Chicago Pride festival. Upon first glance Aubrey’s version could almost pass as realistic, but if you take a closer look, you can see where she pushed in her waistline and slimmed down her thighs. If you take a look at her left side in her Instagram picture, you can see how her pushed in waistline has mutated the guys arm behind her (that or he has the worst case of wrankles (wrist cankles?) that we’ve ever seen…). And hey, where is Aubrey’s right arm?! Bad photoshop.

Look, we get it. Celebrities are constantly being photoshopped for magazine spreads, album covers and whatnot, but Photoshopping every picture of yourself that you post to the internet is just kind of weird. All of the time that Aubrey O’day is spending on photoshopping her pictures, she could be spending in the gym and making her photoshop fantasy a reality. Or, the 29-year old singer, who is no stranger to going under the knife for cosmetic surgery, could just get liposuction if she’s too lazy busy to hit the gym.

Check out Aubrey O’Day before and after plastic surgery!



  • avatar Cath says:

    Hey there, have been following your website for quite sometime, regarding the the photo shop of Audrey Oday, this is only a small thing, you may go and visit, i think bloggers nowadays are considered as celebrity as well, you may check out her reality videos or photos, they show a huge difference, perhaps you can blog and talk about it as she did perform several surgeries as well. Thanks

  • avatar Cat says:

    On the plus side, she has nice hair.

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