Steven Segal Has The Most Ridiculous Hair Plugs Ever


Can anyone tell me why Steven Segal looks like he has a merkin stuck to his head? Whatever it is that is sitting atop Steven’s head, that he is trying to pass for hair, looks like what I would imagine a merkin would look like after being used and abused for a sweaty, drug-fueled week at Burning Man. Am I right?

Steven Segal before and after hair restoration:
Steven Segal before and after

So what exactly has Steven Segal had done to cover up his receding hairline? Bad hair plugs, a bad wig, that crazy shake-on hair from late night infomercials? Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that it’s just plain bad.

I can imagine that balding is a scary thing for a macho guy like Steven Segal, but does he really think that the gnarly fake patch of hair on top of his head is fooling anyone, or looks better than being bald? From a female standpoint, I can tell you that a confident balding guy is way more attractive than one with bad hair plugs. Unfortunately, just like bad plastic surgery, bad hair plugs are nearly impossible to reverse, so Steven may just have to grin and bear it at this point…

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  • avatar Cat says:

    He looked much sexier before! It doesn’t help that it’s dyed black – looks totally false and very, very silly. This is a man who, although I think he is a terrible actor, I always give him props for actually being an excellent martial artist and linguist.

    Somebody send the guy to a hairdresser, cut that ugly pony-tail thing – pony tails are not manly!

  • avatar Tom says:

    He and John Travolta must have the same toupee guy!

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