Remembering Jwoww Before She Looked Like A Plastic Surgery Mutant


Do you remember Jenni “Jwoww” Farley when she actually used to be kind of hot? I mean she was never supermodel gorgeous, but when she appeared on season one of Jersey Shore, she was definitely the “Whoa that drunk girl with the huge boobs looks hot” type of hot. Was season one of Jersey Shore really the good ol’ days?! Well, for Jwoww’s looks, yes, yes it was…

Jwoww then and now:
Jwoww bad plastic surgery 2013

Jenni is only 27-years old and has entirely overdone the plastic surgery. When she was cast for Jersey Shore in 2009, she had already had an obvious breast augmentation surgery and dressed in skimpy tops to show off her huge fake breasts. But, in the past 3 years, Jenni has undergone at least 4 more cosmetic procedures and in our opinion, not a single one has been an improvement. In addition to the breast implants, Jwoww has also had bad liposuction, unnecessary Botox, weird cheek implants and lip plumping injections.

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley before and after plastic surgery on her face:
Jenni Farley before and after bad plastic surgery 2013

Like many celebrities that go under the knife, Jenni has tried to deny that she’s had plastic surgery on her face, but the change is glaringly obvious. Ever since she had the Botox and filler injections in her face, she literally only has one look on her face in every single picture. It’s really starting to creep us out! Sorry, Jenni but you look like a mutant. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fix the bad plastic surgery, but please tell us you’ll stop getting more.

Am I the only one that thinks Jenni “Jwoww” Farley’s plastic surgery face is starting to resemble ET?

jowl looks like ET after plastic surgery


  • avatar Bill says:

    Whatever idiot that writes this crap certainly has a warped view of what huge boobs are!!!! Ahhhh Betty Bang I see, what a piece of Hollywood sh_t!!

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Yeah she some of the few that kept getting weirder and weirder looking. I couldn’t peg it, but seeing the side by side pics I can tell what she’s had done. Looks like a lot of filler in her cheeks and lips. I hope she stops now!

  • avatar Leah says:

    why the hell in gods name would Roger still plan to marry her? barbie(doll) is better looking than her! she used to be hot but now is gross

  • avatar sweat dick willie says:

    I’d f*&king do her all day!

  • avatar Big Willie says:

    I’d throw her da bone maybe even let her chew some meat off it!

  • avatar megn hill says:

    I think her face turned that way because she slept with too may guys.

  • avatar Bre Nilla says:

    She scares me! Where is her little goblin chinchilla side kick?

  • avatar marisol says:

    This is stupid she lost many pounds obviously her face would too, its common sense!
    And its more stupid that you say “shes had” this and that done wiwithout any actual proof.

  • avatar Nick says:

    Losing weight does not make your cheekbones grow like an MMA fighter who just got knocked out. Plus she has that classic frozen stare look when she tries to smile. It’s sad because I thought she had a pretty face before. Now she’s just part of the WTF did she do to her face club.

    R.I.P JWOW’s Natural Face

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