Helen Mirren Reveals The Results of Her Recent Plastic Surgery


Spoiler alert: Helen Mirren looks amazing after a well-executed face and neck lift!

Helen Mirren before and after having plastic surgery:
Helen Mirren before after facelift

Oh, Dame Helen Mirren! The 67-year old award winning actress seemingly can do no wrong. From her surprisingly fabulous bikini body to her slew of awards for her acting skills, Helen has it going on. In a world full of young wannabes having too much extreme plastic surgery in hopes of landing a reality show, leave it to Helen to have a face and neck lift that leaves her looking like a beautiful women in her 60’s rather than a 67-year old woman running through a wind tunnel desperately trying to cling to her youth.

Back in October, Helen was spotted out and about wearing a headscarf that unsuccessfully tried to conceal the bandages she was wearing after having plastic surgery on her face and neck. Now that she is fully healed and has ditched the bandages and headscarf, it is easy to see the result of her plastic surgery. Helen revealed a much tighter face and neck when she stepped out at the Olivier Awards, where she received her award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in “The Audience”.

Helen Mirren looking radiant after a lower facelift and necklift:
helen mirren after facelift 2013

While the results of Helen’s plastic surgery are certainly noticeable, her plastic surgeon could not have done a better job. When compared to the before pictures, you can see that Helen’s lower face and neck have been smoothed and lifted thanks to a lower face lift and neck lift, but she looks simply refreshed rather than that stretched-tighter-than-a-drum look that is happening too often with facelifts nowadays. Helen looks like a refreshed 60-year old version of herself, which is the perfect result for a facelift for a woman of her age.

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  • avatar Shelley says:

    She is so awesome. Beautiful!

  • avatar Jody says:

    She must have gone to Reba’s plastic surgeon. She looks really good & natural.

  • avatar Karen says:

    so who is he? Just in case I can ever afford it, it would be nice to know who this genius is that knows how to do a great face lift like that.

  • avatar Charles C. says:

    I just want to say that Helen Mirren is a treasure. She is a genius at her craft and the sexiest woman on the planet. I just love her! Excuse me I have to go now my wife is calling me.

  • avatar Jill says:

    come on everyone she’s has lots of money wears very very costly clothes and is done up ip likes a dogs dinner ,who wouldn’t look good for 85

  • avatar Carol says:

    very snooty old gal

  • avatar Wendy says:

    Oh, come now, everybody! My daughter and I saw the charming film, “The Hundred-foot Journey” today, and poor Helen looked ghastly. I was so hoping her obvious wig was hiding devices to pull her face back (like they do in the soap operas), but, apparently not. What a shame that such a talented actress felt she needed to mess with her classic looks. But, they all do it, don’t they? She was a source of great strength to older women everywhere, but now the “aging gracefully” part no longer applies. I thought she had a stronger sense of self. Another one bites the dust.

    • avatar Ian says:

      Wendy is spot on with her comments. I have just watched “The Hundred-foot journey” and yes Helen Mirren looked ghastly. I thought she was ok with growing old gracefully, but yet the pressures of looking young is so important in the film world..

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