The Shannon Twins Got Huge Butt Implants


The Shannon Twins want to show you something…Their shiny new butt implants!

The Shannon twins before and after butt implants:
karissa shannon and kristina shannon fake butts(Please excuse the digital applied bikinis. Apparently Google thinks that thongs, while legal to wear in public, are too naughty on the internet. Click for uncensored version.)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon, who are no strangers to plastic surgery, have recently added to their body mod collection with some comically HUGE butt implants, thus completing their transformation into the Albino Kardashian Twins™. (Kris Jenner, PLEASE legally adopt the Shannon twins. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” needs a pick me up, and I can’t think of a better reality show plot than long-lost trashy albino twin sisters. Right?!).

Karissa Shannon has followed Kim Kardashian‘s unwritten guide to becoming famous, which includes sex, lies and videotape, (oh and lots of plastic surgery!) and it looks like the huge fake butt is her latest desperate fame grab. Karissa, who we have already dubbed “The Whoriest Fame Whore of Them All“, has apparently convinced her twin sister Kristina to follow in her plastic surgery footsteps and both sisters have had breast implants, lip augmentation, nose jobs and now butt implants.

Am I the only one that thinks that the Shannon sisters and their new butt implants look ridiculous?!

Karissa and Kristina Shannon then and now:
The Shannon Twins before and after

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  • avatar elle says:

    they seem like aliens now…

  • avatar Bethaney says:

    haha, this is really bad photoshop, look at how dodgy the bikini bottoms look!

    • avatar Lola says:

      Reading is fundamental !

      You will notice the author’s caption underneath the photo –

      (Please excuse the digital applied bikinis. Apparently Google thinks that thongs, while legal to wear in public, are too naughty on the internet. Click for uncensored version.)

      Click to see the unphotoshopped image.

  • avatar Bethaney says:

    ah I see! thanks for the correction!

  • avatar Lola says:

    Horrible orange tan and Predator like hairsyle aside – I think they look quite attractive. In a sleazy kind of way. I mean, who the hell wears white lingerie as a swimming suit !? So unapologetically trashy.

    I really LOVE their breast implants, the outline and droop look really natural – must have been a really skilled doctor.

    I cant say the same about the butt implants though – those look obviously silicone (too prominent to be injectables unless its really fresh off the syringe)

    I personally think they can look really gorgeous if they ditched the fake tan, matched the face foundation with their body color and got a darker hair color. Less makeup, theyve already got pretty faces.

  • avatar mch says:

    look like pornstars…….

  • avatar Cat says:

    They have gone from beautiful girls to looking like they harbour several STDs – this is not a good look and neither is comic sized breasts and butts.

  • avatar Bill says:

    They, obviously, look fabulous. Probably would have had them skip the butt implants. Butts and lips certainly don’t need to be bigger but the other parts……………..mmmmmmm delicious.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    I can see the implant in their asses. Yuck!

  • avatar Tom says:

    Ladies…..just wait until you get older and begin to SPREAD. They’ll will be majorly out of proportion.

  • avatar bobinAk says:

    Matrix Twins ??

  • avatar Paul says:

    They wanted to be black girls with huge black asses I little disgusting of you ask, they looked much better before I think.

  • avatar Michelle says:

    They look awful

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