ANTM Finalist Renee Alway’s Drug-Fueled Transformation


Ever wonder what “America’s Next Top Model” finialist Renee Alway is up to nowadays? Well, apparently she is now your everyday gun-toting crackhead. Does that sound sexy in a crazy Bonnie and Clyde type of way? Well, it’s not. Drugs do not do a body good, even if your model beautiful to begin with…

Renee Alway before and after drugs:
Renee Alway before and after drug abuse

Renee placed 3rd on cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model and the ostentatious blonde has certainly fallen from grace since then. Renee recently posed for her 3rd mugshot this year, following yet another drug-related arrest. In June, Renee was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, fraud and petty theft, and was released on bail. In July, the gun-toting former beauty was involved in a 6 hour stand off with police before she was arrested again for felony possession.

Renee Alway, who has formerly said that she felt lost in a sea of blonde-haired, blue eyed models, no longer has that problem now that her hair is dyed dark and her once perfect complexion is marred with the typical sores, scabs and bruises that is typical of drug users. And even worse than Renee losing her looks (and freedom) to drug abuse? She is also the mother of a young son. Tragic.

Don’t do drugs, kids. Among other things, it makes you ugly.

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