One Good Reason Not To Accept The Gift of Plastic Surgery


breast implants ownership questionsThinking of having a boyfriend/husband/lover pay for breast implants? You might want to think again, as the entitlement to your new rack may be a grey area, even after a relationship comes to an end!

Famous baseball player Barry Bonds paid for a breast augmentation surgery for his girlfriend Kimberly Bell, but when their 9-year relationship came to an end, Barry felt that those breast implants still belonged to him, and even threatened to cut them out “because he paid for them”. Removing them from his ex-girlfriends body maybe a little bit extreme, but should he at least get visitation rights for footing the $5,000 bill? (Awkward!)

Sadly this is not the attitude of just one famous megalomaniac, and cosmetic surgeons say that they see this certain type of possessiveness over breasts and breast implants all the time. Whether it’s the boyfriend that forbids a woman from getting breast implants because an ex-girlfriend cheated on him after she got implants, to the husband that makes sure that the plastic surgeon knows exactly how big he wants them.

Sylvester Stallone is another celebrity that purchased breast implants for a girlfriend and went so far as to override his girlfriends decision on the size of her implants, and instructed the doctor to make them bigger after she was under anesthesia and midway through her breast augmentation surgery!

If we follow the laws that govern the ownership of engagement rings, if he pays for your breast or butt implants, chances are that a judge would say that you must return the implants to your boyfriend upon dissolution of the relationship. Yikes.

Ladies, if you really want to get plastic surgery, be sure that you do it for you! And, make sure that you can pay for it, in order to avoid that whole weird “who exactly owns my boobs” thing…


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