Crystal Hefner Has Aged Beyond Her Years After Too Much Plastic Surgery


Crystal Hefner and her prematurely aged plastic surgery housewife body and faceAnother day another barely relevant d-lister promoting a pool party in Las Vegas…This time, it’s Crystal Hefner. And, let me tell you, I find Crystal Hefner utterly shocking.

What is it about this bottle blonde that I find most shocking, you ask? Is it that she infamously left Hugh Hefner at the alter? The fact that she talked major shit about her sex life with Hugh in the media? Or, could it just be that she actually ended up marrying Hugh Hefner, who is 60-years older than her? Oh, no no no no. It’s none of those things! The thing that most shocks me when I see Crystal Hefner is her age. Crystal Hefner is only 27-years old!?

Crystal has all the classic makings of the stereotypical rich housewife: the fake boobs, the fake tan, the fake lips, the fake hair, etc. But, unlike your typical “real housewife”, Crystal Harris is in her 20’s…and that leaves me feeling confused. If Crystal was nearing 50, I would think that she looked pretty good, in an “obviously overhauled by a plastic surgeon” sort of way, but the fact that she is in her mid-twenties leads me to believe that she looks like shit in an “obviously overhauled by a plastic surgeon” sort of way. Confusing…right?

So what has Crystal Harris had done to make her look so old and housewifey? Let’s start at the top, shall we? Crystal appears to have had: a nose job, veneers, lip injections, breast implants and liposuction. All in her early 20’s. But, you know, I’m sure that Crystal Harris did it all for her self and maybe she can make up a story about how she was bullied so we feel sorry for all of the plastic surgery that she has had to endure. I’m sure that none of it had to do with her desire to never work for a living and instead blow an old man for cash, cars and real estate.

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner

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