Horrifying Double Jaw Surgery Is The Next Big Cosmetic Surgery Trend In Korea


South Korea, the country with the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery procedures in the world, has made headlines yet again, this time for an extremely controversial beauty fad that involves realigning the upper and lower jaw bones in an attempt to dramatically reshape the face. Known as double-jaw surgery, the procedure made the unexpected jump in South Korea from a means of correcting facial deformities to a cosmetic surgery trend after several celebrities publicly endorsed the procedure, claiming the drastic surgery represented a “turning point” in their lives.

A billboard advertisement for double jaw surgery in South Korea:

While plastic surgeons promoting the horrifying procedure in South Korea are probably making loads of money off of celebrity endorsements, those doctors who are actually concerned about the well-being of their patients have condemned the surgery as dangerous and unnecessary. According to one dentistry professor, “This surgery alters your look far more dramatically than, say, Botox or a nose job because it changes your entire facial bone structure. But it’s a very complex, potentially dangerous surgery…it’s disturbing to see people with no real dental flaws daring to go through with it just to have a small, pretty face.” Needless to say, double-jaw surgery should not be promoted as a cosmetic procedure, in South Korea or anywhere.

For those considering double-jaw surgery, potentially dangerous doesn’t mean possibly causing minor discomfort, bruising, swelling or temporary pain, which is typically the case with Botox and other relatively simple cosmetic procedures. It means the surgery puts you at risk of chronic jaw pain, permanent facial numbness, nerve damage and even paralysis. According to one study, 52% of patients who underwent the cosmetic procedure experienced sensory problems, and some have even lost the ability to smile. And as if that wasn’t disturbing enough, in one case, a 23-year-old woman reportedly committed suicide following double-jaw surgery, after complications left her unable to chew food or stop crying due to damage to her tear duct.

Long story short, if you’re unhappy with the way your face looks, by all means consider following in the footsteps of other South Korean women and get extreme double-jaw surgery. That is, if you don’t mind not ever being able to chew, smile, stop crying, feel your face, perform simple motor skills, or move your body again. But hey, at least you’ll be pretty?


  • avatar Cat says:

    It does cross my mind that one day, these people will have children and their children are not going to look the same as their parents.

  • avatar Riimel says:

    Cat, that’s why Koreans make their daughters to have surgeries from early age.

  • avatar WSW says:

    Xtina s transformation- lipo or gradual weight loss?

  • avatar MUNJI says:

    I had this surgery because I had to for medical reasons. The girl in the ads before picture had the deformity that I had. What they haven’t mentioned is it takes years – you must get braces to fit your teeth into your new jaw, likely your pallett will have to be expanded, and in my case, they accidentally broke my nose when they pulled my upper lip over my eyes to get to my top jaw. This surgery is no joke and I was in the hospital for nearly a week. If someone doesn’t need it, then they’re crazy. My surgery was over $100k. Luckily it was medically necessary and covered.

  • avatar Molly says:

    I don’t think this is a big deal. First of all, it boosts self esteem. Secondly, this is Korean plastic surgery. Not only is beauty extremely important over there, it effects whether or not you get a job – literally. Third, it helps improve plastic surgery technology. I mean, she DOES look a lot better in the second picture. Let’s admit it, even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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