Amanda Bynes Parents Acknowledge Her Obsession With Plastic Surgery


amanda bynes and her crazy faceNot surprisingly, Amanda Bynes has finally been put on a 5150 psychiatric hold and is being held against her will in a looney bin in California. Amanda, who has obsessively tweeted about “ugly” people and her own plastic surgery in the past months, was taken into custody after inadvertently setting herself on fire after starting a gasoline fire in the driveway of an elderly woman’s home in California.

Amanda’s parents are now trying to convince the judge to grant them a conservatorship over Amanda and her obsession with beauty and plastic surgery is just one of many troubling issues that the former-actress has been exhibiting.

Amanda has repeatedly taken to Twitter to confess her plastic surgery past, present and future. In addition to her infamous nose jobs, to fix the nose that she considers a “birth defect”, Amanda has also posted topless pictures of her breast implants, and has informed her Twitter followers that she recently had them removed. Since her arrest in May revealed an unflattering mugshot, Amanda has stopped posting selfies on Twitter and has kept her face hidden, claiming that she will not reveal her face until she has had enough plastic surgery to make her beautiful. Amanda’s mom has also told the judge that Amanda has tried to convince her to get plastic surgery on more than one occasion.

Amanda Bynes and her parents before she lost her sh!t:
Amanda Bynes and Her Parents

In addition to Amanda’s obsession with beauty, plastic surgery and weight loss, her parents have also told the judge that she is essentially “homeless”, “paranoid” and has a drug problem. Amanda, who is an aspiring rapper, has also blown through over $1million in a short period of time and has nothing to show for it. Amanda’s parents speculate that a good portion of that money has gone to purchasing drugs.

Amanda is currently being held in a psychiatric hospital in California for evaluation and has been put on medication to try and help her mental disorder, which is reported to be a classic case of schizophrenia.

Amanda Bynes being transported around the psychiatric hospital:

Hopefully Amanda will finally get the help that she has desperately needed for years. It sounds like she is heading down the same path as Britney Spears and a conservatorship is what saved Britney’s career and possibly, her life.

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