Barbara Eden’s Transformation from Gorgeous Genie to Facelift Fanatic


I dream of Genie Actress TodayRemember Barbara Eden? In her most infamous role as Jeannie in the television sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie,” Barbara could make almost anything appear just by blinking her eyes. These days, however, Barbara Eden’s extensive plastic surgery may prevent her from doing even that. After undergoing a facelift, nose job, cheek implants, liposuction, breast implants and any number of other cosmetic procedures, Barbara, now 78, is virtually unrecognizable as the youthful beauty who charmed viewers on the popular 60’s show, and her apparent facelift and brow lift are likely what caused the most drastic transformation. Throw in a little Botox and cheek fillers, and you have Barbara Eden “now” – a far cry from Barbara Eden “then.”

Although we’re not big fans of the permanent look of surprise that the actress is sporting these days, some believe Barbara Eden’s most recent plastic surgery is actually an improvement on the work she had done in the past. In 2010, plastic surgeon Dr. Reza Sadrian of La Jolla, California commented on Barbara’s look: “She’s beautiful but overdone. She appears to have had cheek implants and a midface-lift. And her eyes have been pulled too far, giving them an unnatural slant.” Dr. Matthew Schulman agreed, saying “It’s obvious that she’s had surgery before. She looks like she’s had upper eyelid surgery and a brow-lift, which explains the highly arching brows and hollowed appearance to her upper eyelids. Barbara’s face and neck also show signs of a previous face- and neck-lift.”

Barbara Eden then and now:
Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

Excessive plastic surgery is never a good thing, but we do have to give Barbara Eden credit for recognizing her previous bad plastic surgery and trying to fix it by going under the knife again. “Her cheeks are plump, as is the rest of her face, including her eyebrows! Gone are the thin jaw and high cheeks from her look that we remember best,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. “Overall, she doesn’t look bad. For her age, she actually looks quite good.” Another expert has praised Barbara’s latest work, saying the actress’ old look “wasn’t as tasteful as her new appearance.” Even so, like many other female celebrities who opt for excessive cosmetic surgery and end up with that tell-tale plastic look, we wouldn’t be surprised if Barbara regrets at least some of the work she has had over the years. In fact, we’re betting Barbara Eden wishes she could rub that magic lamp and get her old face back!

Random Barbara Eden fact: Barbara Eden’s first job was singing for local bands for $10 per night at age 14.

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  • avatar Cat says:

    I think she looks great in the 2006 photo

  • avatar James says:

    I don’t think the author of this article knows what “infamous” means.

    • avatar Bill says:

      You’re correct. Not only is she an insecure, jealous bitch she’s also about as dumb as a box of rocks. Go back and read some of what she seems to think is good copy on this site. How she got this gig is beyond me unless her boss is the same way.

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