Popular 90’s Pinups “The Barbi Twins” Then and Now


barbi twins 1990sBefore there was an obsession with “real-life Barbies,” there were the Barbi twins – 90’s poster girls for that overtly sexy look that was popular of that era, who went under the knife numerous times to achieve a sexier appearance, while still (amazingly) maintaining their identical twin-ness. Shane and Sia Barbi, now 50 years old, took the 90’s by storm with their big hair, fake boobs everything and plastic surgeried faces, eventually capturing the attention of – who else? – Hugh Hefner, who put them on the cover of the September 1991 issue of Playboy. Once they had their grip on good old Hef, there was no stopping these plastic Barbis, who eventually got their own billboard and launched a career that USA Today said brought them “caviar dreams and champagne lifestyles of the rich and famous.”

Self-proclaimed animal rights activists, health and fitness authors and pin-up models, the Barbi twins are actually best known for their extreme plastic surgery, which included breast implants, lip injections, butt implants, nose jobs, chin implants and cheek implants. Take a look at pretty much any photo of Shane and Sia Barbi and you’ll notice that their unnaturally large butts and boobs look as fake as a $3 bill. Almost as extreme as their breast implants, are their duck lips and expressionless faces that have also obviously been altered. Now that the Barbi Twins are over-the-hill in terms of bikini modeling, that hasn’t stopped them from trying to maintain their sexy look with facelifts, breast lifts and more.

The Barbi Twins then and now

Wonder where the Barbi twins’ addiction to plastic surgery came from? Surprise, surprise – they struggled with bulimia and physical insecurities in their younger years that apparently led to their obsession with crash-dieting, bingeing, purging and other destructive behaviors. According to Shane and Sia, they were able to transform their personal issues into something positive, claiming to be “real people” who use their own difficulties to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. Funny, because it seems to me that the Barbi twins never actually overcame their physical insecurities, they just subjected them to plastic surgery.

Back in the 1990s, Shane and Sia Barbi were kind of a big deal, labeled by Stuff magazine as “Sex Symbols for 1993,” which put the plastic twins in the same camp as actual female icons like Madonna, Farrah Fawcett, Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Stone. You’d think that people would have quickly lost interest in a pair of middle-aged twins with more fake parts than real. Somehow though, the Barbi twins managed to extend their 15 minutes of fame into a sort of “Barbi Mania,” posing for calendars, posters, magazine covers and comic books, and starring in television shows and documentaries throughout the 90’s.

Now that the twins have put some miles, and 20+ years, on all of their plastic body parts, the twins do not appear in public without hiding behind hats, wigs and sunglasses. You really have to wonder what their are hiding, especially after spending a fortune on plastic surgery. The one noticeable thing that really is starting to look strange, are their chin implants. It’s like the implants are drooping into this weird little ball point on their chins…

The Barbi Twins in 2013, and their drooping chin implants?The Barbi Twins and their pointy chin implants

Drooping facial implants and super tight facelifts apparently don’t mix. Good to know!

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  • avatar Olivia says:

    I really admire these two for what they have done for animal rights. Since their modeling days they’ve dedicated their lives to it, so I think that’s pretty cool. But I also wonder why the glasses and hats in every photo? Hmmm. And those are some pretty funky looking chins. It’s hard for me to bash on them though because of all the good they are doing these days.

  • avatar Bill says:

    The authors of this sight make me sick to my stomach. Pick. pick, pick. Hey Meghan, and the rest of you turds who write for this site, why not post your pictures and give us a crack at you since you seem to think your sh*t doesn’t stink. Consider this a dare!!!

    I think the Barbi twins look pretty good for 50+.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Their chins look weird…..

  • avatar Wendy says:

    I can’t judge them on their looks. They are doing WONDERFUL work helping animals. Perhaps, if they were not doing something so important, I may be quicker to judge their looks. Clearly they are much more than their exterior. Cheers to Ken Wahl too! Shane’s husband, who also helps with animal welfare and our Veterans.

  • avatar Pity Party says:

    Just because they do great things for animal rights doesn’t mean their plastic surgery doesn’t look fucked up. It’s not bashing, it’s just honesty.

  • avatar Over 50 Everything Droops says:

    Obviously this writer not only subscribes to the same ethos of “forever young”, given the not so subtle barbs in the piece, but I suspect she also hasn’t bothered to check out photos of women who haven’t had any plastic surgery. Otherwise, she’d know that after 50 (sometimes long before) – EVERYTHING DROOPS!! Eyes, tits, and yes, CHINS!! Fat globules change over time and separate from the outer layer of skin… and collect here and there. It’s LIFE. Implants may well droop less, who can say?

    No matter. These women started out beautiful and continue to be beautiful. Put the blame where it belongs – the “industry”‘s endless pressure to look forever young. In Europe it’s a little different – but not much. Though Catherine Deneuve has aged apparently without resorting to plastic surgery, for instance, she is obviously doing everything possible to preserve her look, the blonde shoulder-length hair, the make-up, etc. And it’s great, if you ask me.

    For the best comparison, I suggest you look at male actors – you can easily pinpoint when the aging process starts to show up in their faces and change the terrain.

  • avatar Haspden says:

    Strange, but if you look at photos of them as children they have exactly the same chin back then. Could be the only part of them that hasn’t been altered. I always admired these women for that honest book they wrote about eating disorders and weight issues. They come across as self depreciating and very likeable.

  • avatar robin j says:

    i love the barbi twins. i personally think they still look great

  • avatar moe says:

    These two are not real animal rescuers. They would still take any money they could get and spend it on plastic surgery, fake fingernails, makeup, hair salons. They do not know how to sacrifice their frills to help animals, if they did many more would be saved. All the clothes, make up, and reconstruction they spend money on could do more to save animals than anything they have ever done. People sacrifice themselves for animals all over the world…poor people, simple people and good people go without to save animals. These girls might use their fame to draw attention to saving animals but they still use their money on fake beauty and frills. People try to treat them as real people, people try to know them as real people and they are smug, treat people as if they want something from them. They wouldn’t know a true friendship if it slapped them in the face, nor would they go without a reconstruction to save a pet.

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