Snooki Looks Better Than Ever After Major Weight Loss


Check out Snooki! Not only has she lost a ton of weight, she’s actually looking cute and stylish in an appropriate sort of way. Snooki hit the beach with her boyfriend Jionni and 11-month old son Lorenzo, where she happily showed off her new and improved body in a trendy high-waist bikini.

Snooki before and after losing weight:
Snooki in a bikini before and after weight loss

Snooki lost all of the 30lbs she gained during her pregnancy, and another 12lbs on top of that, for a total weight loss of 42lb! That’s a huge accomplishment, and fairly shocking when you take into account that Snooki is only 4’9″ tall and currently weighs in at a healthy 98lbs. Snooki lost the baby weight and more after cutting way back on alcohol and hitting the gym hard. She admits that she was “disgusted” with her body during and after pregnancy and worked hard to get to where she is today.

Who would have thought that Snooki, best known for being a drunken troll, would actually turn out to be the most successful out of the entire motley crew that was “Jersey Shore”? Perhaps the airheaded facade is just an act, because Snooki has played her cards right (well, except for those godawful fake teeth…) and not only has she made millions off of her 15 minutes of Jersey Shore fame, she also has scored a seemingly down-to-earth boyfriend and has started a cute little family. The other Jersey Shore cast members have either faded into obscurity or blown all of their money on Bentley’s, blow or bad plastic surgery.

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