Buffalo Schools Spend $2.9 Million on Plastic Surgery for Teachers


buffalo-teachers-plastic-surgeryA public school district in Buffalo, New York has spent $2.9 million in less than one year, but the impressive bill wasn’t for new textbooks, building renovations or anything that would even remotely improve the students’ educational experience. No, it was so teachers in the school district could get elective cosmetic surgery. That’s right, not only is plastic surgery apparently encouraged in the Buffalo, New York school system, but the district is actually paying for the teachers to get the work done.

According to Sam Radford, head of the parents group the District Parents Coordinating Council, a number of cosmetic surgery procedures are covered by the Buffalo school district, including nose jobs, breast implants, hair removal, liposuction and skin peels. In fact, according to the teachers’ contracts, virtually every plastic surgery procedure is covered by the school district. Now, we could see how some kind of physical disability or disfigurement could potentially prevent a teacher from effectively doing his or her job, but how can bigger breasts possibly improve a student’s learning experience in the classroom?

The plastic surgery benefit presents more than just an issue of morality though. Apparently the school district is currently struggling with serious financial issues, and the District Parents Coordinating Council argues that the millions of dollars being spent on teachers’ plastic surgery could certainly go towards addressing more pressing problems – like educational problems. “Right now we don’t have an after school program at every school,” said Radford. “Right now we got challenges associated with having music in our schools, right not we don’t have teacher aides and teacher assistants in all of our classrooms – those are things that those costs could go to pay for.”

Although spending millions of dollars on plastic surgery for teachers isn’t a new issue for the Buffalo school system, the district did spend roughly $200,000 more this past school year than the year before, and that has apparently raised eyebrows (and not just among the plastic teachers). “It actually sends the message that something like cosmetic surgery is more important than the education of our children,” said Sam Radford. Although many teachers in the Buffalo school system don’t actually take advantage of the plastic surgery benefit, the district considers about 60 teachers “regular users,” averaging a whopping $30,000 per year in procedures. Come on Buffalo, who are you hiring here, quality teachers or Hollywood movie stars?



  • avatar Lola says:

    This is really sad.

    Im honestly felt very disheartened when I read this article.

    Im not against surgery in any way, but attaching bullshit saying it would improve grades/morale is just really low.

    It something I would expect in a porn/modeling academy where looks matter – not a normal school.

    Really sad that the level of education is somehow measured by cup size rather than degrees.

  • avatar Cat says:

    I wonder if this is a fringe benefit that the school uses to encourage teaching applicants to their school – in which case, you have to wonder what sort of school it is, what quality and whether it had/has staffing issues.

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