Woman Has 60 Plastic Surgeries, Can’t Figure Out Why She’s Constantly In Pain


Does anyone remember Jenny Lee? The plastic surgery enthusiast that found her 15 minutes of fame a few years ago, simply by having an absurd amount of plastic surgery? Nowadays there are all sorts of people that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to make extreme changes to their looks, hoping to get some attention, but Jenny was already 30 plastic surgeries into it when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show nearly 10 years ago.

After appearing on numerous talk shows to talk about her plastic surgery obsession and acknowledging that she has Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Jenny took a one year hiatus from having plastic surgery, mainly because she was pregnant and had another baby. But, it didn’t take long until she was right back at it and has since under gone 30 more procedures.

Jenny Lee then and now:
Jenny Lee Plastic Surgery Weight Gain 2013

With 60 cosmetic procedures under her belt at the age of 37, has Jenny Lee finally found happiness? Of course not! After spending over $200,000 on plastic surgery there is only one body part that she is finally content with. After 4 rhinoplasty surgeries, Jenny is finally pleased with her nose. According to Jenny, she finally likes what she sees when she looks at her nose and thinks that “it’s perfect”. Then again, this is coming from a woman that literally told her plastic surgeon that she wanted her nose to look like Michael Jackson’s.

So what is new for Jenny Lee? The mother of 2, who has undergone several rounds of liposuction and even had a full body lift before she was 30, is now fighting the battle of the bulge, which she says is caused by fibromyalgia. Jenny currently experiences pain throughout her entire body, all day, everyday, making it impossible for her to exercise and causing her to pack on the pounds that she paid a plastic surgery to suction out of her body. While she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia based on her symptoms, little is know about the cause of fibromyalgia and it is often confused with other disorders. It is common for someone that has undergone as many surgeries as Jenni to have pain, tingling and numbness caused by damage to the nerves from slicing and dicing your body. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the constant pain that Jenny lives in today is the result of the trauma that she has put her body through by having such extreme and excessive plastic surgery.

Although Jenny Lee is still not happy with her looks, she is trying to teach self esteem to her daughters with a “do as I say, not as I do” approach. Where the subject of her teenage daughter Kaleigh is concerned, Jenny expresses, “She’s beautiful the way that she is and personally I would prefer that she don’t do anything to change that…I’ve always made it very clear that she needs nothing.”

Jenny Lee’s teen daughter Kaleigh:
jenny lee teen daughter kaleigh

And how does Kaleigh feel about plastic surgery? Well, she’s not looking to have any thing done…yet. When asked about the possibility of plastic surgery for herself, Kaleigh replied, “I don’t think I’ll be following in my mom’s footsteps with plastic surgery. I just…at this time in my life, I really don’t see anything wrong with me…My appearance isn’t too important”.

Although we think that she is absolutely beautiful, I have a feeling that Kaleigh will likely change her mind once her appearance becomes more important to her, as it does with all teenagers. I would assume it would be hard to believe your mother telling you that you are beautiful and perfect, when she herself looks nothing like you and spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars to look that way.

More pictures of Jenny Lee through the years:

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