Madonna Proves That 55 Year Old White Women With Grillz Look Ridiculous


So Madonna has a grill now. And we’re not talking about a nifty new appliance used to BBQ dinner. Oh no, Madonna is actually sporting a mouth full of gaudy-as-hell gold and diamond-encrusted teeth, or “grill” as it’s known in the ghetto, world of hiphop and by pimps from 1982.

And she’s not kidding.

Madonna gold teeth grill wtf

Madonna has been spotted on numerous occasions lately wearing her gold grill, and smiling awkwardly so that everyone can see it. Apparently she thinks that she is looking fly. And young. And hip. Sorry, Madonna, but even the young, and actually hip celebrities, can’t pull off the grill trend. While Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Beyonce have all been photographed with grills lately, you’ll notice that it was a one time thing that they were smart enough to abandon after seeing how ridiculous they looked…

More of Madonna and her grill:

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