George Clooney Is Our Ugly Duckling Of The Day!


In news that will bring hope and happiness to awkward teenage boys everywhere…Check out how geeky George Clooney used to be!

George Clooney then and now:George Clooney Ugly Duckling

Who would have thought that that goofy looking kid on the left would grow up to be one of the most desired men in the world?!

George Clooney shot to fame in the mid-90’s after he was cast on the hit TV show “ER”. Since then, he has appeared in numerous popular movies, made millions and dated some of the most sought after woman in Hollywood. Not bad for a kid that was mercilessly teased through an entire year of middle school after suffering from facial paralysis caused by Bell’s palsy! Although George calls that experience, “the worst time of my life”, he also says that it made him stronger and more determined.

So how did George Clooney go from downright dorky to Hollywood hottie? You would think that such a drastic change would have to be attributed to the skilled hand of a plastic surgeon, right? Not so much for George. While he has gone under the knife for an eyelift, and George did have cosmetic dentistry, those procedures where done after he made it big in Hollywood. Surprisingly enough, George simply grew into his looks (and got a great stylist!).

Random George Clooney fact: George Clooney’s mother is a former beauty queen and his father was a news anchorman.

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