The Worst Plastic Surgery at The MTV Video Music Awards


And, the winner of the worst plastic surgery at the MTV Video Music Awards is…Lil Kim!

Lil Kim then and now:lil kim before and after hip implants

While everyone is all up in arms about Miley Cyrus bumpin’ and grindin’ and Lady Gaga stripping down to a g-string, while they performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, what about Lil Kim?! Perhaps you didn’t recognize her since she looks absolutely nothing like she did 10 years ago, but yes, that was indeed Lil Kim that took the stage to present the “Best Hip Hop Video” award to Macklemore.

Lil Kim squeezed all of her plastic body parts into a black perforated leather catsuit for the awards show and just when you think there is nothing left for this woman to get plastic surgery on, she shows up looking even more bizarre than before.

Lil Kim before and after even more plastic surgery:lil kim before and after butt implants

The Queen Bee seems to have nothing left on her face to have surgery on, so she’s turned back to altering her body. In the past, Lil Kim has had multiple breast augmentations and liposuction, and more recently she has gotten gargantuan sized butt implants and a procedure on her hips that have given her an exaggerated hourglass figure. If you ask us, it’s pretty ironic that Lil Kim has gotten the exact same surgeries as her arch-rival Nicki Minaj. With all of these celebrities morphing into plastic surgeried caricatures of themselves, it gives an entire new meaning to the term “keepin’ it real”.

Lil Kim’s album cover from 2000 and 2013. Something looks…different?lil kim albums covers

Lil Kim’s crazy train of bizarre plastic surgery continues to barrel on uncontrolled, so who knows who, or what, she will look like next time she pops up at an event…

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