Courtney Stodden Visually Assaults The Entire UK With Her Ghastly Implants


In case you havn’t heard, Courtney Stodden is currently on the British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” and is terrorizing her housemates with her insanely gigantic fake boobs.

Courtney shows off her new DDD breast implants on “Celebrity Big Brother”:Courtney Stodden bad boob job
(Worst. Boob. Job. Ever!)

Courtney, who just turned 19, seems to be enjoying her time away from her 53-year old husband and has been prancing around the Big Brother house in her skimpiest outfits, drinking alcohol and dirty dancing with her housemates. I wonder how Doug is going to feel about Courtney’s behavior after he see this on television?

Courtney partying up a storm and dancing in a thong on Celebrity Big Brother:

(She’s totally going to get grounded…)

When Courtney entered the Big Brother show, wearing a tiny yellow mini dress and 7″ heels, she was booed and laughed at by the British audience. Not surprisingly, no one knew who she was or why she was famous and it was simply assumed that she was a porn star. (We’re all for being sexy, but I think it’s time to rethink your game plan when the unanimous assumption is that you look like an adult film actress…) Apparently Courtney thinks she’s pretty famous though, and she told the Big Brother interviewer that, “People have just become obsessed with me. I am most known for my controversial union to my husband. It got a lot of media attention. It’s hard to raise eyebrows in Hollywood, but we really did. I enjoy paparazzi, I enjoy attention. People are obsessed with me for just being me.

Courtney got the gigantic DDD breast implants, shortly before filming of the show began, and we think they look absolutely horrible on her teeny tiny frame. Not only do they look like they could rip off of her chest at any second, they are going to be sagging down to her belly button before she’s even old enough to legally drink in the United States.

More pictures of Courtney Stodden on “Celebrity Big Brother”:

So what do you think about Courtney Stodden’s new extra-busty look? Are we being too hard on her?

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  • avatar Cat says:

    However, Courtney is gaining alot of popularity in the UK – people do know who she is (internet is a wonderful thing, and international too!) and that she is famous for being a much younger wife to a sort-of-famous man. She is gaining a following purely because she is actually, a really nice and genuine person and us Brits will look past appearances if you are nice on the inside – she seems to be happy with her body and implants, who’s to say how she will feel in a year or so? Personally, I like her, I thought she was a bit of a joke before she went onto Celebrity BB but the more I hear from and about her, the more I like her. She’s become somebody I would be more than happy to call friend.

    • I totally agree that Courtney Stodden seems nice enough (albeit a tad on the annoying/obnoxious side), but that boob job is tragic. Honestly I feel sorry for her and thank my lucky stars that the internet was not around when I was 18. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • avatar Your Dad says:

    Part of the humor of this is what you see Brit girls wearing to the clubs. Usually about the same size dress but the ladies inside are a bit thicker.

    Those boobs look soo horrible. Why did she get implants?

  • avatar Bill says:

    I really can’t say I know who she is but she looks fantastic. She is hotter than a firecracker and those boobs are gorgeous. Well done Courtney. She’ll get a lot of hate from this piece of crap site but most honest people will think she looks great. The first shot of her on the towel in the grass is spectacular. This is what a woman should look like.

    I would love for the “woman” (I’ve used more apt & descriptive nouns to describe the writer of this site previously) to post her pictures and give us a shot at her. That only seems fair after all these years of reading her trash, doesn’t it? I’m sure I could write a book on that, lol.

    • avatar Lily says:

      Lol–you’re clearly a troll. Anybody who claims they want women to look like blow-up dolls because that’s how they “should” look, is either a troll or extremely stupid and crying for attention, just like Stodden. “I said something on the net, pay attention to me, pay attention to me!” Lulz. Go take a look at Stodden’s pic that shows how her breasts have turned literally purple. Do you have a Barney obsession? Lol!

      • avatar Bill says:

        And you’re clearly the type of jealous female that I mentioned in my 4th sentence above. Probably, you’re what we commonly refer to as a 2 bagger – I’m wearing a bag also just in case yours falls off. LOL. A woman who is secure in her looks & femininity doesn’t have to make statements like you have. Good luck in overcoming your issues because it appears you need some help.

    • avatar Oh Bill says:

      Your comments on this site are increasingly hilarious. I don’t even need a picture of you to know what you looks like. Tell me if I’m wrong: Overweight by at least 40lbs, work behind a computer (possibly at home, but don’t make more than $30k per year), you sweat a lot and have an extensive collection of pornography. You haven’t had sex more than 5 times in your life, the last time being at least 2 years ago when you put your tiny penis into the vagina of an unattractive, over-weight girl that was too drunk to stop you (or you saved up your money and found a hooker that would give you a blow job). Did you just look over your shoulder for a hidden camera or what? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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