Shanna Moakler Posts Gnarly Post Liposuction Picture on Instagram


Shanna Moakler wants to show you something…The 2.5 liters of bloody fat that she just got suctioned out of her body!

Shanna Moakler after having liposuction:
Shanna Moakler bloody liposuction picture

Shanna Moakler posted the picture above shortly after having “Airbrush Laser Liposculpture”, which is a fancy name for liposuction, on her waistline. Shanna is extremely happy with the procedure and decided to undergo liposuction after three pregnancies and three c-sections left her unable to snap back into pre-pregnancy shape.

Shanna, who is a model, beauty queen and ex-wife of drummer Travis Barker, had the procedure done by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Rollins and she couldn’t be happier with the surgery and the results. According to Shanna, the liposuction was painless, took only 30 minutes and she was awake for the procedure. Granted, this is what Shanna said immediately following the surgery, so let’s see how she feels tomorrow, when those happy pain meds wear off. From what we’ve heard first hand, liposuction is extremely painful…

Regardless, we are excited to see the results of Shanna Moakler’s plastic surgery! Here’s 38-year old Shanna partying with her friend Cheryl Burke in July (before liposuction):

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  • avatar Cat says:

    Whatever happened to exercise and healthy eating?

  • avatar Lola says:

    Its shit.

    Ive had it done on my thighs and back to make my butt look bigger.

    Painless is not the word I would use to describe it. I have a high pain threshold and this was beyond excruciating. I actually wish I wasnt awake for the surgery ! Seeing the big needle (Im not talking small injection needles – this was fucking huge) and feeling the cold metal move about under my skin was not an enjoyable experience – its very invasive.

    The difference was probably minimal, the results dont show until several weeks later. (they basically tell you to exercise and eat healthy after the procedure which defeats the purpose tbh)

    Anyone thinking of getting this done, should just stick to regular liposuction rather than this. Lipo usually brings beautiful results, without having to endure the nightmare of being awake in the operating room.

    Exercise and diet would bring better results – but honestly, I just want the quick option. This is good for people who are slighlty overweight or have that stubborn piece of fat that isn’t going away.

  • avatar Jamie James says:

    Painless liposuction? Yeah right! I had lipo on my hips/thighs and the recovery was the most excruciating thing ever. She is definitely on some heavy duty doctor prescribed drugs (or was paid by the plastic surgery) to say that this was a painless procedure. I would rather sweat it out in the gym then go through that again. Just htinking about it gives me the chills!!

  • avatar BoardCertified Butchered says:

    I went in for a needed breast reduction. I was very active, fit, with a very healthy diet…. gluten free and all of that. The multi board certified plastic surgeon said that he would do a ‘little, tiny add on’ to balance out my shape from the breast reduction. I has a lot of questions, but every concern was whitewashed by him. I looked up liposuction online and saw reviews by people too soon after their own surgeries to realize that their fat would redistribute to other parts of their body… So called ‘surgical experts’ online enthusiastically and deceptively portray liposuction as a solution for ‘diet and exercise resistant slight contour irregularites’ yet studies with rodents and humans show that visceral fat (the toxic kind of fat) is increased after subcutaneous fat is removed. In other words, regardless of what might be regarded by some as a positive visual effect at first, (to those who aren’t immediately disfigured as I was), liposuction is non-curative and creates long term harm. The body needs healthy fat. Body composition requires MRI scans, but doctors just pinch the skin and subcutaneous fat in between their fingers and ‘guess’ how much fat to suck out with a vacuum. How crazy is that? I’ll tell you crazy it is: this ‘surgical expert’ with all of the fancy board certifications suctioned out my buttock, and my skin adheres to from my ankles to my waist. I wish I was joking. I am disabled and dying an excruciatingly painful death from this, all because I needed a breast reduction for structural reaons, and I believed the surgeons hype, and the surgical boards support of Liposuction. Lidocine toxicity is a real problem. I came out of surgery convusing with an incredibly distasteful metallic taste in my mouth which persisted. As for a ‘contour irregularity’, that was no ‘contour irregularity’…. those were my hips that he suctioned out! Liposuction is not a safe, physiologically sound procedure. It is irreversible. Realize that the surgeon promoting liposuction is just salesman making a living off of the fat your body needs. Thousands of desperate blogs exist online written by people whose bodies have been ruined by liposuction, and the rest may not even know yet that his or her body has been ruined. I wouldn’t recommend that you allow anyone to vacuum out your fat. I don’t understand how this isn’t outlawed yet. Oh, and don’t expect your surgon to care that they’ve created a living nightmare for you. In my experience, and others that I’ve read online, the surgeons seem concerned with their own liability and pocketbook, and not your health. Remember, liposuction isn’t about health; it is non-curtive, dangerous surgery, and harmful in the long-term.

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