Sydney Leathers Blew $40,000 on Plastic Surgery


Sydney Leathers, the woman who busted Anthony Weiner for sexting, went ahead and got her plastic surgery makeover. And, apparently there was a lot of making over to be done, because she blew $40,000 on several different procedures!

Sydney Leathers before and after plastic surgery:
Sydney Leathers in a bikini before after plastic surgery

The unemployed 23-year old, who dropped out of college because she was busy making and promoting her p0rnos, spent $40,000 on a nose job, breast implants, liposuction and cosmetic dentistry. Sydney chose to undergo all three surgeries in one day and her plastic surgery makeover took 5 hours to perform. Plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman performed the surgeries on Sydney, which removed a bump from her nose, 5lbs of fat from her gut and increased her bust size from a C-cup to a D-cup. Sydney also opted to have her teeth whitened and debuted her new look in a red bikini as she posed for photographers on the beach.

Like all of the 15-minute famers that Vivid convinces to make p0rnos, Sydney has obediently had sex on film, done her media promotions, posed for canned bikini photos, blew all of her money on plastic surgery, posed for more bikini photos and acted like this is all some sort of smart business deal. And, just like her predecessors, Farrah Abraham, Myla Sinaj and Karissa Shannon, this is the part where Sydney slowly fades back into obscurity, with not a thread of dignity still attached. But at least she got fake boobs, you guys! Right?!

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  • avatar Cat says:

    Why do women think that making porn films is a long term career? Unless you are the best of the best, you don’t even make that much money, especially if you then blow it (haha) on surgery. Personally, I think the lipo was a waste of time, I see no difference, ditto the nose and just changing your cup size from c to D is not that much of a change – i’m not suggesting she get huge comedy breasts, i’m suggesting that she would have been better putting the money buy for when her ‘star’ inevitably faded…like next week.

    I would love to know who is persuading these women to make these films for Vivid – they have got one hell of a salesman there!

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