Sofia Vergara’s Over Botoxed Face Has Hypocrite Written All Over It…


Am I the only one that thinks Sofia Vergara‘s mask-like Botox face is annoying? Sofia is one of those women that was born beautiful, and she would have continued to be beautiful forever if she hadn’t set off on the journey for the fountain of youth and ended up in a plastic surgeon’s office. Now, the 41-year old “Modern Family” actress is on the cusp of tipping over into the world of bad plastic surgery, thanks to too much plastic surgery, too soon.

Sofia Vergara before and after Botox:
Sofia Vergara before and after Botox

Look. We get it. Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress in television, and she’s not exactly the best actress we’ve ever seen, so of course there is pressure for her to upkeep the “sexy latina mamacita” stereotype that she is paid to play. But do you remember when Sofia Vergara threw Madonna under the bus by talking trash in the media about how bad Madonna’s plastic surgery was in 2010? In an interview with “Esquire Magazine”, Sofia sounded off about what she thought of plastic surgery:

Women all look the same now…That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they’re fooling? It doesn’t make them look young. You end up looking like a freak.

Would these same words come out of Sofia’s mouth now that she is Botoxed to the hilt and well on her way down the same path that led Madonna to over do her face? If you don’t think Sofia’s catty statements about Madonna’s appearance were bad enough, take into account that Sofia Vergara is 14 years younger than Madonna. And, if you compare the two when they were both 41, Sofia has more than topped Madonna when it comes to plastic surgery in their early 40’s.

Madonna Age 41 Sofia Vergara Age 41

Yes, it’s true that Madonna’s excessive plastic surgery and “pillow cheeks” look less than great, but Sofia, darling, you are fixing to messing up that pretty face worse than Madonna ever did. Stop with the Botox already!

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  • avatar mch says:

    did sofia hv a facelift? wow, 40s r trying times for us women n those who r actresses. wait till menopause hits.

  • avatar Mike Hammer says:

    Looking at the before and after you don’t see any facial mobility loss. But it does look like some pretty blah lighting. Honestly if she wasn’t moving her forehead much before I don’t see why she would now. Need a better example saw perhaps a pensive look and sad face. But if that’s the best you got it just isn’t good enough.

  • avatar Khlandestyne says:

    Sorry, but there is no comparing these two. Madonna tries so hard to push the envelope to be sexy while sexuality just oozes out of Sofia’s pores. While it’s obvious Sofia had the “mommy makeover,” (boob lift, tummy tuck) I don’t think her face shows any sign of being “done.”

  • avatar 18thCenturyFox says:

    Thank you for pointing out this obnoxious hypocrisy. While I am no fan of Madonna’s, she has been working hard at producing a huge catalogue of music while Sofia has been pulling the same vapid act in multiple countries for exorbitant pay. Lady, go hang out with you POS BF, collect your undeserved check and leave the commentary to those dont need to rely solely on their big rack to maintain their place in Hwood

  • avatar barbarozz says:

    Sorry, i think Sofia looks “fabulous” for her age and Madonna looks today like an alien from the Mars with her cheekbones. I think Sophia looks very natural. I bet she had work done but very good, like Jennifer Anniston or Sandra Bullock. Someone here is a Madonna fan and isnt happy, because people all over the world bashing her, for that fake face. C´mon Madonna looks almost like Silvester Stalone mother LOL

  • avatar Cheri says:

    Madonna was ugly to begin with. She had jowls at age 17 already, and didn’t have one nice feature on her face. On that age 41 pic you show, Madonna already had one nose job, lip fillers, upper and lower eye job, face lift, buccal fat pad removal, jawline reduction, chin implant, and lipo around jawline and neck. Sofia hasn’t had that much done yet. Madonna was born with a man’s nose, the worst bone structure I have ever seen, terrible lips and teeth. Sofia at least was a nice looking girl to start with. You mention botox, but she had a lot more. Her teeth are fake, and frankly, her natural ones were better. She got a nose job when she was in her teens. Her boobs are fake. Facelift. Cheek fillers too. Not really a lot of work considering Hollywood though, but there is something very plastic looking about her when she is all made up. I think she looks pretty when she wears more normal makeup. Madonna, on the other hand, can keep having plastic surgery the rest of her life and she will never be pretty. Only marginally attractive at best. Sofia is right about her comments on Madonna in 2010. Sofia had GOOD plastic surgery for the most part and Madonna looks like a joke. In 2005 Madonna actually looked good. Then she just kept going bigger with the cheek implants and fillers. Now she looks like a cartoon character.

  • avatar Dee Dee says:

    Come on Sophia has had breast implants, butt lift, full crowns on her teeth, nose job, possible forehead lift, lipo, give me a break, botox, filler, come on.

  • avatar Dee Dee says:

    Is there any thing Sophia has not had done? Breast implants, forehead lift, nose job, lipo, butt lift, full crowns on all her teeth, restalyne, botox, come on. It’s so obvious.

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