Julie Chen’s Shocking Secret to Success: Plastic Surgery!


Julie Chen revealed her shocking secret to success on “The Talk” and would you believe it’s plastic surgery that got her to where she is today? Hard work, dedication, drive, education? Nope, it was plastic surgery to westernize her face that the talk show host attributes to her successful career.

Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery:
Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery

Julie recounted several instances when she was trying to break into the business, where she was told that she looked “too chinese” to be a news reporter in America, and how an agent refused to represent her unless she had plastic surgery. After talking to her parents and garnering their support, Julie flew to Los Angeles and had a well-known plastic surgeon give her the double eyelid surgery that she was told she needed for a successful career. Sadly, to this day, 42-year old Julie attributes her success to having double eyelid surgery. According to Julie, the cosmetic surgery she underwent early in her career “got me to where we are today. And I’m not going to look back.

Julie Chen reveals her plastic surgery secret:

Personally, I think it’s irresponsible and a bad example for Julie Chen to make such a statement. Having plastic surgery is not going to insure career success. And, it’s pretty sad that Julie Chen is telling her fans that she would be a nobody if it wasn’t for those fancy double eyelids. The funny thing is that when you compare the pictures of Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery, the change in her eyes is hardly noticeable. The drastic change in her look is the nose job that she failed to mention in her plastic surgery confessions…

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