Michelle Pfeiffer Looks Amazing at 55. What’s Her Secret?!


michelle-pfeiffer-2012Wow. Doesn’t Michelle Pfeiffer look amazing? It’s hard to believe that the gorgeous actress turned 55 this year! So what is Michelle’s beauty secret? Has she had plastic surgery or is she simply genetically gifted? If you ask us, it’s a little bit of both.

Michelle Pfeiffer won the genetic lottery and was born with, what many would consider, perfect facial features. The high cheekbones, perfect nose and beautiful smile that Michelle is known for, definitely have given her a leg up on this whole aging gracefully process. But, can she really look that good in her mid-50’s without a little bit of outside help? We don’t think so. While we think that Michelle looks gorgeous and natural, we also think that she’s had a bit of plastic surgery by a very talented cosmetic surgeon. Judging from photos of the actress through the years, our guess is that she had a mini facelift around 2005, which achieved a much more natural look than the overuse of Botox, fillers and over-aggressive facelifts that seems to be so popular nowadays.

Whether it’s her vegan diet, plastic surgery or some new age secret, Michelle Pfeiffer looks fantastic and should keep doing whatever it is that she’s doing to age so gracefully!

Michelle Pfeiffer through the years:michelle pfeiffer good plastic surgery facelift

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