Taryn Manning: Better Before or After Lip Injections?


Taryn Manning is currently starring in the unexpectedly popular made for Netflix show “Orange is the New Black”, and her spot on portrayal of a white trash meth head has made her a breakout star of the show. Taryn’s character goes by Pennsatucky and I thought that something looked a bit off about her lip, but I wrote it off as a result of the rotted out fake meth teeth that Taryn wears for her role. After seeing a recent interview with Taryn, without her Pennsatucky makeup and teeth, I was curious as to what is up with Taryn Manning’s lip. Something just doesn’t look right! After digging up some old pictures of the actress, it’s pretty obvious that she’s been getting filler injections in her lips.

Taryn Manning before and after lip injections:
Taryn Manning plastic surgery lip injections

Taryn naturally has a pretty thin top lip, but I wish she would have stayed away from the lip injections. Although her plastic surgeon showed some restraint and didn’t blow her lip up to Megan Fox proportions, they still don’t look right. Similar to how breast implants don’t look natural on thin woman with too little body fat to hide the implants, lip injections on lips that are very thin to begin with tend to look lumpy, bumpy and uneven. Also, the filler is pushing Taryn’s top lip out in a way that gives her that weird mustache shadow that looks very Planet of the Apes to me.

Taryn Manning then and now:
taryn manning lip injections before and after

Aside from the minor tweak to her lips, 34-year old Taryn Manning looks great and doesn’t appear to have had any other plastic surgery. Being one of the few pretty 30-somethings in Hollywood, that is not Botoxed to the hilt, probably helped land her the gritty Pennsatucky role on “Orange is the New Black”!

What do you think of Taryn’s look after lip plumping injections? Good, bad or indifferent?

Taryn Manning as Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett:

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  • avatar Lola says:

    Shes not an ugly girl but those lip injections look ridiculous. It always does on white girls or those who have naturally thin lips ..

    Whenever I watch orange is the new black, I just cant help but laugh at how similar she looks to the mad scientist in nightmare before christmas.

  • avatar ashley says:

    i dont think shes attractive, meth head role basically only believable one id cast her in … ever. Also, the phrase that basically meant …..”one of the few pretty over 30 in hollywood” is fucking harsh as hell, i can name several pretty after 50 or close to… alicia silverstone, stacy dash, sandra bullock, cameron diaz, to name a few flawless women, well over 30, and its sad u guys think 30 is old.. i just turned 30.. me n my friends look pretty similar to how we did in h.s. this author is a shallow dumb a$$.

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