Uniface Gives You A New Face Without the Expense of Plastic Surgery


Tired of countless hours spent on applying meticulous makeup? Sick of the expensive cost, potential death from, and painful healing time of, plastic surgery? Well, there is a new product on the market that solves all of these problems! Introducing the Uniface mask:

The Uniface video above states: “I put make up on everyday, but I never feel satisfied with my face. Uniface has recently developed a ‘Bionic-skin’ face mask and ‘Cell-blending’ glue. Simply with one spray, you can have all of the beautiful facial features. Perfection is only one step away, Uniface.

Women before and after Unimask application:

That’s right, ladies, for just $399.99 you can have “a lifetime’s worth of confidence”, which includes “giant anime eyes, long lashes, a high nose bridge, and narrow chin and cheeks”. Once you supply your facial measurements, your bionic-skin Uniface mask will be shipped to you in 1 week. The cell-blending glue is included at no extra cost. One spray and your bionic-skin mask permanently adheres to your face, forever eliminating imperfections associated with aging, lack of sleep, poor makeup technics and undesirable genetics.

While the Uniface website is pretty convincing that their face mask is really a new thing, after poking around, it appear that it’s an elaborate hoax. Unless, of course you believe that the Uniface Mask adheres permanently to your face and that the adhesive can only be deactivated by a Uniface scientist, and that the mask will blink, make any facial expression and the lips will move as you talk. Oddly enough, we’ve seen weirder things come out of plastic surgery obsessed Asia, so at first glance, the Uniface mask isn’t even a stretch!

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