Cher’s Lip Implants Are Trying To Make A Run For It!


You’ve got to hand it to Cher, she works hard for her money and is about to start yet another world tour, at 67-years old. To promote her latest tour, she recently appeared on the “Today Show” to lipsync her heart out to her new song “Woman’s World”. While I’m just glad she didn’t break a hip, I couldn’t help but notice that her lips are looking quite strange lately.

Pictures of Cher performing on The Today Show:

Cher has had a lot of plastic surgery starting back in the 70’s, and she hasn’t been shy about admitting it. Generally she looks pretty good, given her age and the extent of plastic surgery that she’s had, but it looks like some parts of her face are starting to expire. Most noticeable to us is that her lower lip implant has started to migrate below her actual lip and towards her chin. Is it just me, or does it looks like she has a permanent chaw of chewing tobacco stuck in her lower lip?

Cher in her original form and today, after a lot of plastic surgery:Cher before and after plastic surgery

Cher’s lip augmentation surgery was more complicated than the lip filler injections that are popular nowadays, as she opted for a permanent change to her lips with the use of lip implants and actual surgery. The reason her top lip looks like it was cut off and sewn back on is because it was! What is happening to Cher’s bottom lip looks like lip implant migration. While it would be easy to blame the plastic surgeon and cry “botched lip augmentatation!”, plastic surgery with implants isn’t usually a one-time deal and you do need to keep up your plastic parts with additional surgery if your body rejects them or if they shift or rupture. It will be interesting to see if Cher decides to have additional surgery to fix her lips, as it appears that the lip implant migration is progressively getting worse each year.

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