Lindsay Lohan’s Half Sister Spent $25,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Lindsay


Remember Lindsay Lohan’s illegitimate half-sister, that popped up a while ago? She was the result of Michael Lohan cheating on Lindsay’s mom Dina, and not surprisingly, Lindsay wants nothing to do with her. Apparently being faintly related to Lindsay Lohan is not enough for Ashley Horn and she has taken her obsession with Lindsay to the next level. The 18-year old has just revealed that she has undergone $25,000 in plastic surgery on her face, so that she would closer resemble Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan and half sister Ashley Horn after plastic surgery:
Lindsay Lohan and half sister Ashley Horn

There are so many things wrong with this situation, but let’s start with the plastic surgeon. What sort of plastic surgeon is going to perform 5 face changing operations on an 18-year old girl? Especially when she is openly telling you that she is just trying to look like someone else! That is insane and goes to show how little regulation there is in the cosmetic surgery business.

Then, there is the fact that Ashley wants her face to look like Lindsay Lohan’s. You’ve got $25,000 to blow on plastic surgery and Lindsay Lohan is the best that you could come up with? Although apparently Ashley doesn’t actually want to look like the currently version of Lindsay Lohan, rather she claims that she wants to “look like Lindsay [Lohan] in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old“. So, Ashley had plastic surgery to look like Lindsay Lohan before Lindsay had plastic surgery? Ohhhhkay.

ashley horn before and after plastic surgery

Looks like Ashley Horn got a little taste of fame and she will do anything to extend her fleeting 15 seconds, including having $25,000 worth of plastic surgery for a really, really dumb reason. In order to transform her face, she had a nose job, liposuction under her cheekbones, liposuction on her neck and fat injections into her chin and upper cheeks. I do believe that this is Vivid Video’s cue to sweet talk young little Ashley into p0rn slavery so that she can follow in the desperate footsteps of Farrah, Myla and Sydney.

On a side note, as a public service announcement, I think anyone that tells a plastic surgeon that they want to look like Lindsay Lohan, at any age, should be required to watch this Lindsay Lohan face morph video.

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  • avatar Lola says:

    Oh honey, you are not even half as cute as Lindsay on her “bad” days, what makes you think you will look remotely as cute as her pretty years ?

    Im not going to even lie, Lindsay Lohan’s face structure and beauty is amazing when she puts an effort and before she did drugs. She still looks pretty in some editorials but the drugs really did age her.

    That picture of Lindsay – so gorgeous.

  • avatar Raze says:

    Why would someone WANT to look like Lindsay Lohan? She is by no means an unattractive girl, but sheesh, aim higher.

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