Farrah Abraham Has More Plastic Surgery To Remove Her Chin Implant


Farrah Abraham is back getting plastic surgery again. This time the Teen Mom turned p0rnstar had surgery to remove her chin implant.

Farrah Abraham before and after having her chin implant removed:
farrah abraham removed chin implant

This lastest trip under the knife will be Farrah’s 4th plastic surgery in less than 1 year and her 5th plastic surgery procedure overall. So far, the 22-year old wannabe star has had two breast augmentations, one rhinoplasty surgery and two chin augmentations, and has spent nearly $40,000 on elective cosmetic surgery.

Farrah underwent the surgery to remove the chin implant in Miami on Monday, and of course she brought a photographer. Farrah arrived to her appointment in full makeup and fake eyelashes, and posed for the camera while the doctor performed the surgery.

Farrah Abraham after surgery to remove her chin implant:
farrah abraham after chin implant removal

The timing of Farrah spending more money on plastic surgery is kind of ironic, since it has just been revealed that she really only received $10,000 for her adult movie, not the $1,000,000 that she said that she made. I guess that explains why she brings a photographer with her everywhere and tries to sell the photos to the media.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham’s new look? Does she look better before, after or indifferent. In our opinion, the $40,000 she has spent on plastic surgery has been a total waste and she looked much prettier before the nose job, chin surgeries and double D breast implants.

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  • avatar Taquito says:

    She looks like shit after all that surgery. She was prettier before, but of course it’s her vacant skull and heart that make her truly ugly. I pray for her child.

  • avatar Kris says:

    Wow she looks horrible before and after. Makes me realize no surgery can make you something you just are not.

  • avatar Diana says:

    She was much prettier before surgery. She looks plastic, like her face is frozen. She looks so trashy and all she cares about is her appearance and her daughters. That child is doomed to live a life of trying to get attention in anyway possible. She has no regard for how to be a positive role model to that little girl. She exposed her to adult issues and situations and does not show her any true emotion. I don’t think she feels anything but vanity…now her outside is as ugly as she is inside

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