Courtney Stodden Got Fake Teeth To Go With Her Fake Boobs


Courtney Stodden’s stint on Celebrity Big Brother has already drawn to an end, but not before we finally put our finger on what seemed different about the bleach blonde wannabe starlet…She has new teeth! In addition to the gigantic breast implants that the 19-year old recently got, she also has a brand new set of veneers. Sheesh! At the rate that Courtney is spending Doug’s money, he is going to have to find a job soon. (Too bad about that whole getting blacklisted from Hollywood for marrying a child thing…)

Courtney Stodden before and after getting veneers:courtney before and after veneers

Is it just me, or is Courtney Stodden taking the term “fake it until you make it” a little bit too literally? Fame-hungry Courtney, who is still a teenager, has already made several visits to a plastic surgeon for various procedures including lip injections, DDD breast implants and a nose job. Courtney’s husband was none too pleased with Courtney’s flirty, inappropriate behavior in the Big Brother house, and he foots the bill for Courtney’s plastic surgery obsession, so will he cut her off?

While Courtney did gain some fans after appearing on Big Brother, due to her genuinely sweet nature, we just don’t foresee any real career in the entertainment industry for Courtney. While plastic surgery has indeed helped boost the careers of some celebrities, those celebrities actually had some sort of talent to start with. While the entertainment industry is deeply rooted in appearances, I think that it has been well proven that you can’t just have a bunch of plastic surgery and depend on your newly altered looks to launch your career. So Courtney, take a good look at Heidi Montag, Farrah Abraham and Jenny Lee. That is your future if you continue to base your entire existence around your appearance and “improving” it with cosmetic procedures.



  • avatar Lola says:

    I cant get over how pretty she looked before, such a shame ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar Raze says:

    Complete airhead, but she seems like a sweet person, and is pretty in an overplayed Barbie kind of way.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Wow!!! She is absolutely gorgeous. Just waiting for the haters to show up. The dip shit writer is already on board.

  • avatar Arnold says:

    Bill, your clearly an old perv. Stay in your own age range or within the same decade. Nobody this hot would go for you and you know it. Shes a dumb, wannabe fame whore yet shes really a whore in every way.

    • avatar Bill says:

      LOL, I knew one would get here sooner or later and as it turns out it was later. In Arnold we have a pretty good example of an ignorant asshole. Why do I say ignorant? Number 1 he can’t spell (figure it out genius) and number 2 he’s making assumptions about somebody he’s never met nor seen (both me & Courtney). I stand by me statement that’s she’s gorgeous and by my statement that Arnold is an asshole – even though, fortunately, I’ve never met him. Arnold, are you gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that, LOL?

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