What Has Happened To Meg Ryan’s Face?!


These things are fact: as you age, your cheeks do not inflate like shiny little balloons, your lips do not increase in size and your skin does not become less wrinkled and so tight that you can reflect the bat signal off of it. Mysteriously, these things have all happened to Meg Ryan, who is currently 51 years old.

Meg Ryan then and now:
Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a mystery because it’s pretty obvious that Meg has been hitting the plastic surgery pretty hard, but none of these things are making her look younger or more attractive. Meg Ryan, who forged a career on her adorable girl-next-door looks, now looks freakish after too much Botox, filler injections and a bad lip augmentation. How has looking like a plastic surgery mutant become more desirable than looking like a human in their 50’s? Are old people really that repulsive that we’ll do anything to not show the signs of age nowadays?

Meg Ryan through the years:
meg ryans face through the years plastic surgery

Meg Ryan started having plastic surgery in the 90’s when she innocently enough started getting filler injections to plump her top lip. In the early 2000’s, in addition to the lip filler injections, Meg started getting Botox and filler injections in her cheeks. Somewhere along the line Meg decided to get a horrible lip implant that gave her a Joker-esque grimace rather then the sexy starlet pout she was after.

Meg Ryan in 2007 after having a lip augmentation with lip implant:
meg ryan in 2007 after lip implants

Meg Ryan has had a consistent movie career since the 80’s, but bad plastic surgery seems to have put an end to her being cast in movies and she hasn’t appeared in a feature film since 2009. Unfortunately bad plastic surgery is nearly impossible to fix, but there may still be hope for Meg Ryan’s face. If she laid off of the Botox and filler injections, she would look much more human and more attractive, in our opinion. Plastic surgeons are trying to sell Botox and filler injections as an alternative to facelifts, but it’s just not realistic. As for that bummer of a lip implant, there’s not much that Meg can do to reverse it, so she’ll just have to grin and bare it. Literally.

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  • avatar Raze says:

    Blech, she never was attractive in the first place. I never saw the big deal about her (or Aniston, for that matter). However, she is aging just as we all will, the difference being that the world is watching her transformation with ready eyes. She’s doing what anyone in her position (and with her money) would do. It’s nothing new. Give people a break.

    • avatar Jaqueline says:

      I have enough money for plastic surgery, but don’t have any desire to get it. Is getting plastic surgery really a socioeconomic class thing now? Sounds like you are buying right into what plastic surgeons are selling…

      • avatar Raze says:

        If you would have read what I wrote, you would have noticed that I typed “anyone in her position” in addition to “with her money”. Obviously, I mean an aging actress in Hollywood. You don’t want plastic surgery, and that’s great. Neither do I. But neither of us are actresses vying for roles amongst the competition of up-and-coming ingénues, now are we? I’m not defending plastic surgery or advocating it. I’m being fair and understanding. I can understand her filling up her face with botox a lot better than I can understand a 19 year old getting plastic surgery for the sake of a bigger set of tatas. You get it now? Get over yourself.

  • avatar Janna see says:

    Her eyes are all scrunched like suzanne somers. I guess the eyes take the brunt of the shiny balloon cheeks. Some of the tv people get nice looking face lifts but most are so obvious. Back to my turkey waddle exercises…haha!

  • avatar astrumur says:

    How pathetic….Obviously, these stars have an alternate vision of themselves, because they always end up looking weird or plastic….It’s especially sad with a star like Ryan, as she has ruined her pretty face. I saw her in a movie recently and she looked like a stand-in…not herself…Hollywood…

  • avatar Susan says:

    She looks horrible in comparison to her 80’s and 90’s self. She should have left well enough alone. 🙁

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