New Documents Confirm That Marilyn Monroe Had Plastic Surgery


Before the iconic platinum blonde hair and mole, Marilyn Monroe was just another aspiring model struggling to make her name in Hollywood. Being that she was born and raised in Hollywood, it’s wouldn’t be surprising to learn that an aspiring model in Los Angeles had plastic surgery in modern times, but the fact that Marilyn Monroe had two cosmetic surgeries on her face in the early 50’s, is pretty shocking!

Marilyn Monroe before (1949) and after (1955) having plastic surgery:
Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marilyn Monroe’s medical documents have recently surfaced and are expected to hit the auction block later this month. The documents include cranial and dental x-rays of the star, as well as doctor’s notes regarding Marilyn’s cosmetic surgeries.

What exactly did the iconic model have changed on her famous face? Medical notes confirm that Marilyn Monroe had cosmetic work on both her nose and chin in 1950. The medical records and notes were written by Hollywood plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin and include notes on an examination of Marilyn after she complained of a “chin deformity”. According to Dr. Gurdin, the “deformity” of Marilyn’s chin was the result of a cartilage implant that was being reabsorbed by her body.

Revealing medical records from Marilyn Monroe’s plastic surgeon:
Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery medical records

In addition to the chin implant that Marilyn had put in 1950, the doctor notes that Marilyn Monroe also suffered from neutropenia, which is a low white blood cell count, and that she had an ectopic pregnancy in 1957.

In 2010, a biography written by Dr. Gurdin’s parter, Dr. Norman Leaf, revealed Marilyn Monroe’s chin implant and also that she had rhinoplasty surgery to refine the tip of her nose. These new records confirm that Marilyn Monroe did indeed have, not one, but at least two cosmetic surgeries on her famous face. It’s likely that Marilyn had another chin implant to fix what she described as a “chin deformity” after the first implant degraded and was absorbed into her body.

More pictures of Marilyn Monroe before and after plastic surgery

The news confirming that Marilyn Monroe wasn’t the natural beauty that everyone thought that she was, is pretty shocking, but we do know that her famous curves were indeed all natural. Breast implants were not around in the 50’s and the world’s first breast augmentation with implants was not performed until 1962, the same year as Marilyn Monroe’s death.

Marilyn Monroe in 1953:
Marilyn Monroe in 1953


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