Joey Lawrence Needs To Back Up Off The Botox


Okay, don’t get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with a guy taking care of themselves and their appearance, but we’ve just got to draw the line somewhere and I think that line is going to be Botox for me. Case in point: Joey Lawrence and his weird Botox face.

Joey Lawrence before and after Botox:
Joey Lawrence before and after Botox

Joey has come a long way since he was a teen heartthrob on 90’s sitcom “Blossom”, and up until recently he was looking pretty damn sexy. Now, after a few too many jabs of Botox, his face looks like a weird waxen mask.

Joey Lawrence then and now:
Shirtless Joey Lawrence then and now

Obviously Joey is a bit metrosexual with his perfectly groomed eyebrows (dyed to match his hair) and immaculately waxed hairless body, but Joey is a 37-year old man, and I am of the opinion that men should look like men. A few age-appropriate wrinkles is way better than whatever this ironed-out-blank-Botox-Ken-face thing is, that Joey has going on.

Joey Lawrence currently stars in the TV show “Melissa and Joey” and he is the host of that wacky reality show “Splash”, where famous people compete in a diving competition. If you ask me, if Joey continues down this path of plastic surgery, he’s going to slowly fade into obscurity and wonder why his career suddenly fizzled out before he even turned 40. (Hint: It’s the Botox, Joey. It’s distracting from your otherwise good looks.)

What do you think of Joey Lawrence before and after Botox?

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