Jessica Simpson’s Trout Pout is Back


Jessica Simpson Trout Pout 2013After famously admitting to getting lip injections and claiming that she hated the unnatural results, Jessica Simpson recently stepped out with her lips re-inflated to epic proportions. As a whole, the 33-year-old mother of two is looking better than ever, but we can’t take our eyes off of Jessica’s trout pout, which is definitely back in a big way. It’s a shame, because she really is very pretty (whether that’s the result of cosmetic surgery or not), but she needs to stop messing with those lips!

Back in 2006, Jessica Simpson admitted to giving her lips a little extra oomph, telling Glamour magazine, “I had just got a new shape for my lips with the injection of a protein-based gel Restylane. I was going through an emotional time and I thought maybe if my lips were bigger, people would think I was sexy.

Not so much.

According to Jessica, after lip plumping injection: “I looked like a blowfish! I looked so goofy! I prayed every night to please let them go down!” They finally did go back to normal, but in 2008, Jessica debuted extra-full lips again. This time, the singer’s rep claimed that plastic surgery rumors were false. “Jessica did not have anything done to her lips. She tried Restylane some time ago and did not like the way that it looked or felt, so she has not had anything done since.

Hmm..sounds fishy to us!

Fast-forward four years and Jessica’s over-plumped lips have completely taken over her face yet again, which she claimed was a result of her pregnancy. How convenient! “Woke up looking like the lip injection fairy visited me in the night…” she tweeted along with the following picture in January 2012, when she was pregnant with her first child, Maxwell:

Jessica tweeted this picture of her swollen lips, claiming pregnancy was to blame:
jessica simpson pregnant plastic surgery trout pout

Is this how pregnancy face begins? Yikes!“, she continued.

Although she claims to have hated the results of previous lip injections, it looks like Jessica may be at it again, as recent photos of the star show some extra plump in those babies. Jessica can’t blame her inflated lips on a pregnancy this time though, because her son Ace was born back in June, and the rest of her body has already returned to its normal proportions.

Jessica Simpson then and now:
jessica simpson lips 2013

What do you think of Jessica Simpson’s extra full lips? Are they the result of lip injection or an unheard of localized bloating associated with pregnancy?

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  • avatar Cat says:

    I think she has probably had lip fillers, however, I think she looks lovely with or without bigger lips and if it makes her feel more attractive then, why not?

  • avatar hmmm says:

    I agree, with or without lip fillers she’s really pretty. I really like Jessica, but I have no clue why she had to just draw MORE attention and denial to her lips with the dumbass “pregnancy lips” thing…???

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