Popular Miami DJ, Betty Pino, Died From Plastic Surgery Complications


betty-pino-plastic-surgeryBetty Pino, a popular Spanish radio DJ in Miami, died an untimely death due to her unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery. Betty died in August, at 65-years old, due to complications that arose after having surgery in an attempt to fix a back-street butt job gone wrong.

In June 2013, Betty Pino approached cosmetic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta, who specializes in Brazilian butt lifts, for more surgery on her butt. Four years prior, Betty had silicon injected into her butt and that silicon had become hardened and uncomfortable. Silicon butt injections (or “butt shots” as they are known in the world of back alley plastic surgery) are illegal in the United States due to the health risks, but they are still inexplicably popular even though hundreds of woman have died or have experienced severe complications.

Dr. Mendieta did his best to remove the hardened silicon from Betty’s body, but a month after the surgery, Betty’s surgical wounds had not healed and she developed sepsis, which is caused by a severe infection. In an attempt to save her life, doctors amputated Betty’s hands and feet, but the infection spread too rapidly and on August 7th, her family decided to remove her from life support.

The butt augmentation surgery that proved fatal was certainly not Betty Pino’s first time under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery, as “La Reina De La Radio” was known as much for her surgically altered appearance as she was for her spunky radio personality.

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