What Happened To Lara Flynn Boyles Face?!


lara-flynn-boyle-wtf-faceLara Flynn Boyle was spotted out shopping with her mom in Bel Air this week, and her bizarre looks sparked concern from several media outlets. TMZ went so far as to contact friends of Lara, all who confirm that she is 100% fine and that the photos were simply taken at an unflattering angle. One friend stated they had seen Lara recently and that “she looks fantastic”.

Fantastic? Really?

Perhaps it’s the people around Lara telling her that she looks fantastic, that is the root of the problem? The 43-year old actress does not look fantastic, and perhaps if people stopped telling her that, she would stop with the horrible filler injections that have completely ruined her once beautiful face. Lara started getting filler injections in her lips over ten years ago, and ten years of abusing the needle has completely blown out her lips, which are now a lumpy, asymmetrical mess. Lara has also been getting filler injections in her cheeks and Botox injections for quite a while and the results are some of the worst that we’ve seen.

Lara Flynn Boyle made our list of Top 5 Stars Who Ruined Their Careers With Bad Plastic Surgery, years ago and things don’t seem to be getting any better for her. Lara had a booming acting career in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but even though the actress is quite talented, whatever plastic surgery mess she got herself into around 2006, made her unemployable as the hot actress that she once was. After a dry spell of acting work, Lara recently landed a part in “Hansel and Gretel Get Baked”, where she plays a bizarre looking witch. (Gee that sounds familiar…)

Lara Flynn Boyle in character as a witch in “Hansel and Gretel Get Baked”:
lara flynn boyle hansel gretel get baked

There has been all sorts of speculation from Lara’s fans about her deteriorating looks, which range from steroid use to mystery diseases and liver failure. Many have also said that the paralyzing effects of the Botox make Lara appear as if she’s had a stroke. Perhaps not the look she was trying to achieve by having plastic surgery?

Lara Flynn Boyle through the years:
Lara Flynn Boyle through the years plastic surgery wtf face

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