Check Out Ariana Grande Before She Had Plastic Surgery!


Ariana Grande is an up and coming starlet who seems to have a bright career in Hollywood ahead of her. But, did Ariana sell her soul to a plastic surgeon in order to achieve her picture perfect profile in hopes of coming out ahead in the image-centric world of Hollywood? If you compare pictures of the actress/singer now, to those taken just a few short years ago, the answer seems pretty obvious!

Ariana Grande before and after rhinoplasty surgery:
Ariana Grande before after nose job

It appears that Ariana Grande’s nose is not as grande as it used to be, right? Not that she had a big nose to begin with, but it does appear to have been refined by a plastic surgeon, who reduced the bridge and turned up the tip a bit. The change in Ariana’s face seemed to have taken place shortly after she landed the role of Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s sitcom “Victorious” in 2010.

Ariana Grande then and now:Ariana Grande before and after plastic surgery

Ariana is barely 20 years old now, so she certainly may have grown into her looks in some respects, but the difference in her nose is obvious and highly unlikely to be natural. The other big difference we see is in her eyes…Did she get a brow lift too? Her eyes seem to be WAY more open and her eyebrows have magically levitated to a much higher ground. Am i right?

Check out Ariana Grande’s latest music video, “Baby I”, where she poses and bats her eyes for 3 minutes and 24 seconds:

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  • avatar Shelley says:

    Cute girl. I think the nose looks fine and the eyebrow thing could just be grooming and maybe less eye makeup. As long as she doesn’t go bonkers and overdoes it. :O)

  • avatar Dani Grande says:

    its also called growning up!!!! your all idiots Ari didnt get pklastic surgery; she grew up, so obviously shes gonna look different

  • avatar Hello:) says:

    Fatter lips and a higher nose doesnt just APPEAR out of nowhere, she obviously got plastic surgery.She hasn’t grown up THAT much since then,it’s only a few years back. And plus,she looks wayyy too fake.She shouldn’t use fake tanner either,she looks way better without it.Plus it just adds to the fakeness look.

    • avatar Joe says:

      There’s a special kind of place for idiots like you….
      1: These photo’s where taken 5 years ago.
      2: She lost weight (not that she was chubby in any way.)
      3: Lip liner.
      4: Different eye makeup.
      5: Eyebrows where groomed, maybe some makeup.
      6: She’s Italian so she’s olive skinned PLUS shes been out in the sun a lot, considering shes a celebrity living in California.
      7: She’s never gotten plastic surgery.
      8: Camera angles.
      9: Camera zoomed in/zoomed out.
      10: She grew up.

    • avatar Ssssnake says:

      She lost weight, lip liner, less makeup, different facial expressions, camera angles/zoom, olive skinned, lives in a sunny state, 100% natural (cept the makeup)and she grew up soo yea, good job einstein

  • avatar Bobba says:

    Yeah, that looks like all camera angles and zoom strength, the older pictures are always more zoomed in. Also, it looks like her head grew but her nose didn’t.

  • avatar Hana_ARIANATOR says:

    This actually sickens me. The fact that a person isn’t able to grow up to be successful without being falsely accused of such things. Emphasis on the GROW UP because that’s what happened,SHE’S GROWN UP. She’s around 17 in the “before” pics and around 20 in the “after” ones and clearly she has grown into her body, lost baby fat and has lost a bit of additional weight on top of that which explains why her features appear to be “thinner” and correct me if I’m wrong but the pictures that show this so called “eye-brow lift” are of her with two different facial expressions, one in which she is smiling and the other in which her eyebrows are raised which is an expression that people are able to achieve without “surgery”. Therefore proving that no, she has not in fact had any surgery done whatsoever.

  • avatar ARIANATOR says:

    Ariana did NOT have plastic surgery. Her nose looks no different. She was a lot younger then and she did lose a little bit of weight last year because she decided to start eating healthier, which could have made her look a little different. She is gorgeous and always has been and does not need surgery ever. Rant over!

  • avatar Mila says:

    Weell, I have been studying plastic surgery for a while and she clearly have done her nose and her upper lip.
    Look at her nose even if she had lost some pounds it wouldn’t be marked like it is now. You have to look if the symetry is the same as it used to be and it’s not.
    And her lip has suffered some augmentation because her upper lip wasn’t thay way.

  • avatar Lola says:

    Its pretty obvious she got plastic surgery, which is not a bad or shameful thing. I dont understand why people take offence to that.

    She looked cute, but nothing special. Now she looks stunning !

    The work done is very subtle, she must have had a skilled surgeon.

    I also like how in most photos she has that “look” you give when somebody says a lame joke, and you are like trying to be polite and smile lol.

  • avatar Anna says:

    Her lips are also really different

  • avatar person says:

    I think it just looks like it because its a zoom in and an unzoom in. So ya and her eyebrows her face just has her eyebrows up. So i don’t think she got plastic surgery

  • avatar Human says:

    She smiles differently.. Maybe that’s why and her face expressions are different now

  • avatar hmmm says:

    nah, she had some stuff done. it’s all very subtle and tasteful, and looks good.

  • avatar emilie says:

    she definitely got a nose job and probably a brow lift because she has that surprised look all the time. it’s weird because she looks really young now back then she looked like her age.

  • avatar MichelleQ says:

    The nose job is obvious. She looks cute though!

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