Who Got The Worse Lip Injections: Farrah Abraham or Courtney Stodden?


Remember when plastic surgery was something that aging celebrities and socialites had done in secret, in order to turn back a few years? Well, now it’s something that teenagers and attention seekers have in order to have something to talk about. In the last couple of weeks, two of our least favorite wannabe celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to announce their latest plastic surgery procedure: lip plumping injections.

First up, 19-year old Courtney Stodden, took to Twitter to thank plastic surgeon Paul Nassif for “my new pout” and to post a blurry picture of her plumped up lips slathered in red lipstick. Who knew that looking like a girl with a cleft lip that got punched in the mouth was something to be excited about…

Courtney Stodden before and after lip injections:courtney stodden lip injections wtf is that thing

Then, of course, there is 22-year old Farrah Abraham, who’s #1 talent has become having plastic surgery. Immediately after having her chin implant removed, she decided to have MORE plastic surgery and had lip plumping injections. She posted her new lips on Instagram and then, just to make sure everyone knows where she is spending all of her p0rno money, she did an interview on The Bethenny Show, where she listed off (again) all of the plastic surgery that she’s had, including the new lips.

Farrah Abraham before and after lip injections:
farrah abraham bad lip injections

(Is it just me or does Farrah look more and more like a transvestite, after each plastic surgery procedure that she gets?)

Do Courtney and Farrah really think that all of this plastic surgery is making them more attractive? Or, are they just desperate enough in their fame-seeking that they’ll go under the knife (or needle) in order to extend their 15-minutes of fame?

When it comes to Farrah and Courntey’s new super-sized pouts, whose lips look worse? Sound off by leaving a comment below and let us know who gets your vote for worst trout pout!


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